Premium Authentic Cantonese Cuisines by Guest Chef Chan Po Sang at Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant


Indulge with the premium authentic Cantonese cuisines available in both a la carte and set menus prepared by the Guest Chef Chan Po Sang from 17 August till 10 October 2015 at Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

Guest Chef Chan Po Sang has more than 30 years of culinary experience and through his profession and innovation, he plays up the strengths of Chinese culinary tradition while exploring the harmonious interplay of ingredients, imagination, taste and cooking techniques.

It was my pleasure and honour to try out the appetizing Cantonese cuisine prepared by Guest Chef Chan Po Sang as well as meeting him in person at Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant on a delight Friday evening. The food tasting session had served us with 7 delectable course meals using the top-grade freshness ingredients and the presentation of every Cantonese dish prepared was remarkable.

Pan-fried Diced Beef Tenderloin with Black Pepper & Crispy Garlic. Succulent yet tender, and accented with lashings of homemade black pepper sauce, the juicy meat complements the sauce perfectly, yielding a tiny explosion of tastes and flavours, which is utterly irresistible.

Steamed Sliced Giant Grouper with Red Dates & Light Soya Sauce that boasts a fresh, sweet and delicate flavour with firm consistency, complemented with good quality red dates that are known for its high nutritional value.

Stewed Tomato with Assorted Mushrooms – One of my favourite and best tomato i ever had!

My favourite Cantonese dishes of the day were Steamed Sliced Giant Grouper with Red Dates & Light Soya Sauce and Stewed Tomato with Assorted Mushrooms. Both have a light and refreshing aftertaste and are high in nutrition value. If you are going for healthier choice option, these two Cantonese dishes are definitely recommended.

Guest Chef Chan Po Sang Imperial Masterpieces
Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant
17 August to 10 October 2015
Set menus start from $108++ per person
À la carte start from $12++ each