Celebrate Mother’s Day 2016 with Larry Jewelry


In this year Mother’s Day, Larry Jewelry presents the Illimitable Love collection, a jewelry collection designed in honor of all mothers with legendary style.

The jewelry artisans created three precious handcrafted jewelry series featuring the best of rare gemstones – Blue Sapphires, Pearls and Rubies, to express the unparalleled timeless love and bond between every mother and child. These classic pieces of jewelry are designed to stand through the test of time and to be preserved from generation to generation.

Alluring Admiration

A precious gift a mother dreams to receive is admiration of her child. A precious stone symbolizing wisdom and strength, the sapphire collection encapsulates the deep and unconditional spiritual love a mother and her child share.

Beloved Moments

A simple yet exquisite expression of love, the rare pearls featured in this jewelry series encapsulates the precious shared experience. Appreciate how each precious pearl drop is arduously formed by Mother Nature; akin to that of a mother nurturing a child.

Deep Affection

A mother’s affection for her child is of no equal. The round shaped diamonds surrounding the ruby represents the fire of a mother’s heart that will always provide warmth and protection to her child.

The Larry Jewelry Mother’s Day 2016 Collection is exclusive available to Larry Jewelry boutiques in Singapore, at Larry Jewelry Paragon (#01-21) and Larry Jewelry ION Orchard (#03-04).