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Hello people! welcome back once again…Make a post at this special date – 1111…Is going to reach my 700th blog post very soon! cant wait that! hahaha

Today will be sharing some behind scene picture of my school project film. Over past few day, i been editing my short commercial video and repeating the preview for almost more than 50 time! Currently the editing has come to the end of credit section and i am so happy to say that, after this editing…i will be free for few week before the next heavy project come! which is 3D animation and Flash! lols…

Sharing scene…Macbook pro for video editing purpose. Has been using this macbook pro to edit the project film and thank to darshini first for lending me her macbook. However, i used adobe premiere pro CS4 instead of Final Cut Pro…Not dunwan to use…is cannot use! wtf right? hahaha, Anyway, the editing so far so good…Hope can finish asap!! *smile*

Next, script writing…I wrote the script but after editing the video, i found out that actually there no need to put in any script also perfect le…Therefore, i took away the script and change it to some short mono background voice. For this part, i thank to vidhya for her voice to be present in this video…

Well, some of my classmate had saw part of my video preview…However, i bet they haven see this picture below which i took at clarke quay during the video shoot! haha

Still left with 2 more day to submit my project!!! Cant wait to submit and go for party/movies/outing! and of cos publish more blog post! hahaha Stay Tune! *I am not lazy but busy*

Tats all for today!
Thank for your reading and viewing!
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