All Things Gaming with Cyberpunk Theme at GameStart 2017

GameStart 2017

GameStart 2017

Southeast Asia’s Premier Game Convention, GameStart 2017 is back with a cyberpunk theme held in Suntec Convention Centre on 14 and 15 October 2017. Organised by Eliphant, bringing you “All Things Gaming, Across All Platforms, Right Here at GameStart”

GameStart 2017
Warhammers at GST gaming area

2 new zones were added to Game Start 2017 this year, the GameStart Tabletop (GST) gaming area where you can check out events and even take part in casual or/and competitive tournaments like the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game, Warhammer 40,000 to Exploding Kittens and Sushi Go!

Dream Catchers Board Game
New board game Dream Catchers, coming soon on Kickstarter.


kickstarters game

Also, check out new games that you may purchase or support on Kickstarter soon at the GameStart Tabletop gaming area and the IGDA|SG booths area. Try out their games and bring home some souvenirs like stickers or badges.

GameStart 2017 Toys
Characters from the AR game, Mohamad Adventure

GameStart 2017 Showcase

Founders Base is the 2nd new zone and GameStart’s special indie area; where it showcases games from local and international content.

GameStart 2017 Shadowverse tournament

Held in GameStart 2017 is also the 1st Official Shadowverse tournament in South Asia at SEA Mobile Major area. Some other tournaments held are the Asia Regional Finals for Capcom Pro Tour 2017 (Street Fighter V), Asia Regionals for Tekken World Tour 2017 (Tekken 7), Marvel VS Capcom Infinite “Battle of the Stones”, first Asia Championship for Windjammers and GameStart FIFA 18.

PlayStation Game

Other things you can check out at GameStart 2017 are Doujin Market to get your share of fan arts; which returns for the 2nd year, The Drinkery by Samsung; a themed lounge for visitors chill and relax with food and alcohol ordering via Samsung pay. Try out VR games at The PlayStation booth or games like Taiko Drum at the Bandai Namco booth as well!

GameStart 2017

Remember to check out the main stage as well with more tournaments and the Game On! Cosplay Runway.

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