7 Hollywood’s Hottest Fashion Designers for the Red Carpet

Hottest Fashion Designers

Stardom’s most prestigious awards will never be complete without the glitter and glamour of the red carpet.

Whether it’s at the Golden Globes or the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards; your favorite celebrities shine the brightest as they slay in some of the gorgeous gowns and stunning suits to ever grace cameras.

Who should we thank for all this beauty? Below is a list of seven of the most beloved designers to clothe America’s A-listers.

Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling on Gucci at the 74th Golden Globe Awards
1. Gucci

From Ryan Gosling to Donald Glover at the 74th Golden Globe Awards; Gucci tuxedoes take men’s luxury wear a step forward with sharp edges and subtle pops of color befitting a gentleman.

2. Marchesa

The stuff of fairytales, Marchesa’s often floral-inspired ensembles create fantasy on the red carpet. Just take a look at Chrissy Teigen’s gleaming gown at the 2017 Golden Globes, as well as Kaley Cuoco’s petal-esque dress at the 2017 SAG Awards.

Emma Stone
Emma Stone on Alexander McQueen at 23rd SAG Awards
3. Alexander McQueen

Remember Emma Stone’s semi-sheer corset top at the 23rd SAG Awards or Nicole Kidman’s silvery emblazoned gown at the 74th Golden Globes? McQueen’s eclectic style dazzles fans with ornate textures and intricate embellishments that draw eyes to every detail.

4. Christian Siriano

Currently Project Runway’s youngest winner, Christian Siriano customizes couture for celebrities such as Rachel Bloom and Angela Bassett for the 2017 Golden Globes, ready to flaunt fashion especially designed for them.

Claire Foy
Claire Foy on Valentino at 23rd SAG Awards
5. Valentino

Even the subtlest prints and cleanest cuts exude opulence with elegant pieces by Valentino, like what Meryl Streep and Claire Foy wore at the 23rd Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Michelle Dockery
Michelle Dockery on Elie Saab at 23rd SAG Awards
6. Elie Saab

Whether we’re looking at Jessica Biel’s revealing ensemble at the 2017 Golden Globes or Michelle Dockery’s shock of color at the SAG Awards the same year, Elie Saab’s red carpet dresses can’t help but invite glances from admirers.

7. Roberto Cavalli

Cavalli transforms silhouettes with lavish embroidery and lace trimmings, like the gowns worn by Emily Blunt and Kerry Washington at the 23rd Screen Actors Guild Awards, to captivate audiences and leave them speechless.

Curious on what today’s hottest stars will wear this 2018 at the upcoming award shows?

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The 24th Screen Actors Guild Awards airs LIVE from the U.S. on 22 January, Monday at 9AM; with primetime encore at 9:55PM.