vPOST Make Me v(ERY)


Ho Ho Ho! Merry Chirstmas Everyone!
Jingle Bells, Fun like hell, Xmas come to town!

opps…too early! Is on 25/12..hehe
LOL! recent post i had been saying “Ho Ho Ho”
But For Today Now, I still wanna say “hohoho” to this special Post, entry for nuffnang chirstmas Party! haha!

vPOST Make me v(ERY) …. Postery or Hp (Hyper Passion)”

opps…not postery not Hp ..
psps forgot to add my word in…
Alright, here it goes, see carefully hor…

vPost Make Me v(ERY)

Hyper (In way that Happy – go – lucky is my theme!)
Excited (Cause this the first time joining nuffnang event)
Joyful (Cause i can buy wad i want during christmas day!)
Insane (Cause I got a chance to meet with SG nuffnanger!)
Lucky (wow, lucky because december is a holiday to everyone for celebrating or partying AND Might have a chance to win some prizes for any competition! xD)
Crappy (wahaha, I will spam alot of joke during xmas time! LOL)
Fortunate (cause god give us a special day to celebrate. )

Lastly, it Make me very Happy, due to the fact that i had alway celebrate christmas every year but this time, MIGHT got a chance to celebrate with nuffnanger, haha…

Oh no no…haven End yet…
stupid keyboard keep want to me type “End” this word…

So how? Are u in Hyper Chirstmas Party Mode now? lols
How about?
We wish a merry chirstmas, We wish a merry chirstmas, We wish a merry chirstmas,
and a happy new year~! Ho Ho Ho!

Anyway, here come to the end of my entry post on nuffnang christmas party 2008.
Thank For ur Reading
Merry Christmas once again! xD