Food Review: Torimaru Ramen at Ramen Champion Bugis+


Tori Paitan Ramen (Creamy Chicken Soup Ramen) is a latest ramen fad in Japan, after Tonkotsu Ramen’s popularity in the past years. This rich and creamy chicken soup is one of the most famous in Japan right now! They are joining the big family in Ramen Champion!


Torimaru is helmed by Chef Takano Koji who has undergone intense trainings under Chef Koji Tashiro, founder of Menya Koji Group, Japan. Mainly they’re two different types of noodles are used at Torimaru; thin yellow noodles for the ramens and thick white noodles for the tsukemen (dipping noodles). The standard topping of Torimaru Paitan Ramen includes Tender Chicken Breast Chashu, Homemade Chicken Meat Balls, Ajitama (Seasoned Soft‐boiled eggs), Negi (Japanese Leek), and Nori (Dried Seaweed). Chicken breast is used for the chashu due to its low fat content; it is the perfect match to Tori Paitan Ramen.

The special homemade Chicken Meat Balls are refreshing due to some of its ingredients like ginger & chicken soft bone for different textures. Tori Paitan (Creamy Chicken Soup), the star of Torimaru is packed with collagen that is nourishing. The creamy white broth is achieved by robust boiling over high temperatures, along with five kinds of chicken parts (including large amounts of chicken feet) and along with five kinds of vegetables for over ten hours. Torimaru’s Ramen strictly contains NO PORK, NO LARD; you can enjoy pure chicken goodness in its creamy chicken broth.

Signature Special Chicken Ramen, the highly recommended ramen by the Chef Takano Koji’s. The ramen came with the standard topping which i mentioned above. The creamy chicken broth was really addictive; i simply drink finish the whole bowl of the soup before i am done with my ramen, i even asks for refill of the soup!

Next we move on to the Special Chicken Tsukemen (Dipping Noodle). Unique way of eating ramen, usually you will only able to see dipping noodle in Soba form but now they are trying a new way of eating ramen. Everything on this bowl was cold except for the meatballs and the dipping soup. I find that the thick noodle texture was under-cook and not that springy and chewy. The dipping broth was more on the salty side, after you had finished your noodle, they will add dashi soup to your dipping soup! After added, the undrinkable broth became alive! The broth tasted light and full of flavors.

My Verdict:
This new collagen ramen is definitely worth the try and i will be back for more of it! The ladies will definitely love it too, as the collagen is high in protein and is good for the skin. You can have good food and pamper your health at the same time!

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