Teriyaki Day


Teriyaki Meal,
F1 car model,
Enjoyed my day in happy mood.

Horay! After seeing my photo, do you feel hungry? hahaha. Yes Right!, Morning in school, After having some basketball friendly match with my classmate, my group went to have our lunch on japanese meal. Me ordered the Teriyaki set meal for my lunch today. Well, my comment on this Teriyaki chicken was that it taste really really delicious! This meal cost $3.90 only and it really worth for my lunch today xD. (Picture provided on top) hahaha.

Full after eating, we rest awhile and go for the next lesson which was project management. During that lesson, we was told to build a F1 car model using the paper. This included planning before doing. First we colour, den cut and lastly build up. Haha, During the process, Lester accidently cut out the F1 wheel. Our group was like omg lor…F1 car got 4 wheel and become 3 wheel car. LOL, However, shirlyn had solve these wheel problem and our F1 car model overall look perfer than the others. wahaha *Took some picture on the F1 car model too* A word end with succeed !

F1 car model design Credit To:
Fazil —> Script writer
Hong Peng (Me) —> Director & photographer
Shirlyn —> Colour Editor
Lester —> Colour Editor
kennth —> Paper Editor
Brandan —> Sound Editor
After school, on the way home, at bus-stop saw the advertiser banner which related on my blog now. haha, was about the “POSB Everyday Champions Award’s 09” well, wanna know more? click my advertiser lor…wahaha xD
Haha, I’m looking forward on coming up friday,saturday and SUNDAY! More event coming up now and gonna be busy soon. Well, End here for today, Thank for ur reading and vsiting. Have a nice day to all my peeps! xD
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