Tantalising New Cantonese Delights at Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant


Since the introduction of the young Executive Chinese Chef Brian Wong, Wan Hao has consistently injected new flavours with a classic Cantonese touch into its tantalising menu. This time, Wan Hao presents yet another creative menu that seeks to nourish both the body and palate.

The new menu is created dishes with less sugar, oil, salt and seasonings, depending only on the natural flavours of each ingredient . “I believe in creating cuisine that presents a kaleidoscope of tastes, textures and nutritional benefits, rather than a recipe that is one-dimensional. To me, it is important to create lasting impressions where plates are transformed into edible canvases brimming with goodness and nutritional benefits,” said Brian.

The Steamed Crystal Skin Vegetarian Dumpling is a dainty little palate cleanser that soothes your tastebuds with its refreshing taste and crunchy texture.

One bite into the Deep-fried Prawn Mango Roll and the natural sweetness of prawns exploded in my mouth. Deep-fried items can easily turn out greasy with overwhelming taste of fry-batter, but not this one. Paired with the tangy-sweet mango paste, it is perfectly well-balanced.

The Baked Crispy Honey-glazed Pork Puff with Black Pepper Sauce, however, did not do as well as its dim sum companions. While the fillings were fabulous – rich, thick and gooey, it felt like it was skimped on. The pastry, on the other hand, was heavily overcompensated with a thick poofy hide.

Bird’s Nest Dumpling in Superior Sauce is easily the highlight of the day. Seating in a rich, flavoursome stock with bird nest, is a giant dumpling packed with scallop, prawn and conpoy. Delicious with health benefits and anti-ageing properties to boot. Awesome!

Just when we thought Chef Brian couldn’t do deep-fried items better, he decided to surprise us with the Deep-fried Prawns in Pumpkin Butter Sauce. The light coat of crunchy batter that enveloped the succulent prawns locked in their natural sweetness. Drenched in luscious pumpkin butter sauce, it was a parade of both sweet and savoury flavours, with a hint of curry aroma.

The Wok-fried Beef Fillet with Angelica and Chinese Yam was met with mixed reviews. Some loved it, some not so. I guess I’d belong to the latter. But my mood was instantly lifted when the next dish – Wok-fried Wanton Noodles with Lobster in Superior Stock was presented before me.

It doesn’t look like much, but underneath its simplicity hid subtle textures and interplay of flavours. The richness of the stock, crisp bite of kailan, to the perfectly al-dente egg noodles and luxurious lobster.

The gastro-event was brought to the end with Chilled Double-Boiled Peach Resin with Red Dates. Yes, peach resin. What? You don’t know what that is? Don’t worry, neither do I. A quick check with Chef Brian reveals that peach resin is actually sap from the peach tree! And it’s one of the few fruit collagen that can be found in nature. A common Chinese medicine, peach resin relieves stress, helps nourish “yin” energy, provides moisture to organs and activates blood circulation. No ladies can ever say no to this.

Boys, if you’re reading this, this is the time for you to pamper your ladies with a treat at Wan Hao. Ladies, leave this blog post somewhere in an open browser on his PC or phone – make sure he sees it and brings you here. You walk out feeling a belly full of nourishment and beauty.