SP open house


SP open hus visit,
Looking Forward tml movie.

Today, went out with Darshini to Singapore Poly (SP) open hus. Got 2 reason, one is went there for lunch with Thiam You, another reason is visit their open hus this year 2009. Me and Darshini reached there around 1.15pm, met Thiam You and we went for lunch first before tour get into their open hus. Well, Been went to SP open hus since past 2 year and today, things has been change…haha. Oh ya, not to forgot that, i also met Yi Ling (Blogger Friend), she was so busy for the open hus, therefore didnt get much chances to talk to her…xD

Feel like ending my post now…Actually today quite tried ar…haiz..Alright, Maybe update some of thing do recently…

My Chinese New Year Blog Header still under creating…Not yet ready but almost done. This time, the Header will focus more on Photoshop effect than Flash effect. Reason for that, cos i want make it look more realistic! Some people been asking…So when ur header release? Alright, here gonna write out the Release of Date on My CNY blog header: (Next Week Friday 17/01), btw date might be change if i can finish ealier. haha…

Above i wrote, looking forward on tml movie…WAD MOVIE? Wahahaha…see my post tml and you will know the movie! hehe…AND Fazil, Make Sure i wanna see ur new post tml! U been MIA for so long…Is time to get back ur blog now! lols…

Tats all for today!
TakeCare! xD