Somewhere Taken in Singapore


Somewhere Taken in Singapore

Hello people! welcome back! haha…As my title said…’Somewhere taken in Singapore’ which mean photo capture in Singapore happened few days ago…lols…Just wanna share here before the year end…

Alright, here the thing to share…Sky and Clouds…Grey mixed with blue sky again…recently Singapore keep having heavy rain…As usual, raining season always make people feel very lazy, sleepy and stone at home…

Well, i manage to capture this photo below…Guess where is this place? hahaha….I can said tat this place is very windy and good for mind relaxation…

Few days ago…Still remember i write a post about Jay Chou and Chi Ling Treasure Hunter singapore visit? haha…At the same time, Adele (Malaysia Nuffnanger) also visit singapore…She came all the way from malaysia to support jay chou! haha can see tat she one of the hardcore JayFC! However, the next day, me and josh met up with adele and her friends along…lols nice conversation….*Awhile*~ haha

Yesterday, which was Christmas day…Me and fellow bloggers gathered and heading to Stephen house for Xmas party…Thanks Stephen for invitation..was really enjoying.. *smile* i guess everyone enjoyed too! haha

Today is 26/12…Start counting down till year 2010…it only left 5 more day to go…! woohoo..haha kinda excited because this year i will be counting down at Vivocity! Got my admission tickets from mediacorp…Thank you!

People! If you drop by Vivocity for the channel 8 Countdown party at 31/12….Do say HI to me if you see me! hahaha…Hope everyone have a great year once the clock hits 12…!

Tats all for today!
Thanks for your Reading and Viewing!
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  1. sabahking: hey! thank for loving mediacorp! haha my ticket i get for free…xD yeah i guess it sure many people de…counting down to year 2010!! ^^