SITEX 2008 IT Fair first day


SABA set Meal (Japanese Food),
SITEX 2008 IT Fair Opening.Hello everyone, Good Food On My Blog Part 5 is here today~! haha, Yes! Yes! Today got food…YAY~…haha, but somehow today also got computer. hehe…Read further down to know about it.Before i go deep on the IT fair today, let me introduce the second japanese dish i ate in school in the afternoon. Today Meal called SABA Set Meal. Today, During lunch time, Me, Brandan and QiaoEr decided to eat japanese food. So, I ordered saba set for my lunch today. Saba is a kind of fish and it taste really nice after adding some lemon juice. Overall, This SABA set meal cost me $4 only and is worth it to eat! hehe…YUMMY!!!Well, since today was the IT fair (SITEX 2008) first opening day. Straight after school, Me and Fazil decided to go to the IT Fair at Singapore Expo to take alook on some latest PC or any hardware component. Therefore, we started to walk and look around, took some picture along and in between time also went to compac station there look for zhiyong. lols, soon later, we met QiaoEr and her friends also. We went to alot of station, alot of different company and see, compare the different Notebook (laptop). Overall, i can said that, there no new things but alot of nice nice Notebook. LoL, anyway didnt stay there for long…cos tml we got computing math test. So, we went home around 4pm like tat…Tml, Test again~!!! lols, but after the test tml, i can enjoy for the next 2 days. ^^ Oh ya, i will be going down to IT Fair again tml…Alright, took some picture today and had oready uploaded. Look above to view it. Haha…I end here, thank for ur reading and viewing.
TakeCare Peeps! xD
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