Singapore Night Attractions: Wings of Time at Sentosa Siloso Beach


Hello all! 7 years 7 memories! Songs of the sea will be officially step down and replace by Wings of Time, the new Singapore iconic night entertainment attraction at Sentosa. Meeting with new technology, Wings of Time will showcase a new choreography of pyrotechnics and special effects tightly tagged along the storyline.

The new equipment including robotic moving water jets with LED lights and coloured lasers will be installed, while existing infrastructure will be boosted with upgrades for a seamless integration to give audiences spectacular eye-viewing scenery.

Wings of Time Storyline:
Wings of Time tells the story of a fantastic journey through time and space. A bird-like creature, Shahbaz, from prehistoric times goes on an adventure with two modern-day teenagers in search of home. Along the way, they discover the world by exploring wondrous locations around the world. As the teenagers assist their newfound friend to find his way home, they too must face a test of their courage and friendship. What decisions will they make and will they too, be able to find their way home?

Wings of Time will be a ticketed performance, with daily shows at 7.40pm and 8.40pm along Siloso Beach. Premium seats are available at S$23 per person, while standard seats are at S$18 (standard rate), and S$15 (for local residents). Advance tickets are available from 12 May onwards at

Goodbye Songs of the Sea!