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Good Food On My Blog Part 9

Very fast, Good Food On My Blog In singapore bring you to PART 9 which will focus more on SATAY! haha…I long time didnt eat satay le…think got around 2 year! lols…i know is very long…please dont laugh xD hahaha…

Alright, Yesterday or i should say, nowadays outside rain damn heavily…But i still decided to go out to meet my one “long lost friend”. haha…While deciding where to go, i ask Weijie through msn, on how to go [ Lau Ba Sha ] from raffles mrt station…Well, dont laugh…yesterday was my first time been to Lau Ba Sha, Even Joanne.C from Malaysia, she also went there before…lols… But one thing i ask Joanne yesterday,

Me: So how much you spend at Lau Ba Sha for ur meal? izzit expensive?
Joanne: Not so expensive…no more than $50…
Me: Omg…like tat still no expensive…?

I was like…nvm, still instead wanna go down there have alook. So, I met Henry Lee at raffles mrt control station at 7pm, den walked to Lau Ba Sha…Few min later, reached there, “Tour” one round to see any Nice food, however everything seem to be nice. BUT Their Price also VERY NICE. xD you all now wad i mean ar…haha…

Alright…Ready for picture? haha…Below Here the Food Picture whereby Me and Henry Ate yesterday. We spend total $4+$3+$12 = $19. After 2 year didnt eat satay, i can say that singapore satay become smaller and smaller! LOL, yet it taste delicious. 长话短说,请看看以下的照片吧!

Are you feeling hunry now? haha, btw, the Satay cost $12 for 20 stick.

Ok…Tats all for today! Thank for ur reading and viewing…
Have a nice day my friends! xD
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