Samsung Galaxy Note7 Features and Specifications


Samsung unveils their latest device’s Samsung Galaxy Note7 come with the advanced S Pen capabilities and the advancing intelligent security features which enable users to achieve more than what they thought possible on a smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy Note7 comes with a handy, premium and refined design, and is available in colour options of Black Onyx, Gold Platinum and Silver Titanium. The intelligent Samsung Galaxy Note7 smartphone will be available from 20 August 2016 at the recommended retail price of $1,168 (inclusive of GST).


9 Samsung Galaxy Note7 Features

1. Galaxy Note7 S Pen: Bringing Ideas to Life
The Galaxy Note7 features an enhanced S Pen that is more than just a writing tool – it is the gateway for users to complete their tasks more efficiently and accurately.

The new and enhanced S Pen replicates the ease and accuracy of using a real pen, without compromising on precision and power. Its updated design with a smaller pen tip and improvements to pressure sensitivity, offers users a highly accurate and real pen-like experience.

2. Unlock your Smartphone with the Blink of an Eye
The Samsung Galaxy Note7, the first smartphone device that comes with new iris recognition technology, a highly secure biometric authentication system that can be used to unlock the home screen, sign in easily to websites and securely authenticate Samsung Pay to make quick and easy mobile payments.

For your information, the Iris Scanner may be unable to read your iris if you are wearing certain types of glasses or coloured contact lenses.

3. Best-in-Class Entertainment
Equipped with a 5.7-inch QHD SUPER AMOLED display, the Galaxy Note7 features immersive entertainment capabilities. It is the first smartphone that is High Dynamic Range7 (HDR) video streaming-ready, providing users with a cinema-like experience with brighter colours and a deeper black, ensuring the most fulfilling movie experience.

4. Galaxy Note7 Game Pack
The Galaxy Note7 also features Game Pack, which provides users with easy access to top game titles and free exclusive in-game items or credits. Users can now watch and play more with an increased battery capacity of 3,500mAh that provides a much longer usage and shorter wired charging time.

5. Compatible with the Gear 360 camera
The Galaxy Note7 is also compatible with the new Gear 360 camera, where users can capture their own 360-degree videos in full 3840 x 1920 resolutions. They can also share their content with their friends’ on-the-go, via platforms including YouTubeTM and Facebook, or even relive the moment in a captivating Gear VR experience.

6. Sleek and Innovative Design
Featuring a front-to-back 3D dual-edge curve Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5 finishing, the Galaxy Note7 provides users with a firm and comfortable grip with its refined design. Slim and lightweight, the Galaxy Note7 is sleek in feel, with every edge, surface and detail of the device’s design assimilating what users have come to love with the Galaxy series.

7. Dual SIM support
The Samsung Galaxy Note7 support dual SIM functionality offering users added usage flexibility. Its unique Hybrid SIM slot can either support two SIM cards, or one nano SIM card with the other doubling up as an external memory card slot when a second nano SIM card is not needed.

8. In-built 64GB Internal Memory
It equipped with 64GB of internal storage and with the additional external memory slot offering expandable storage of up to 256GB, users can enjoy added versatility without worrying about running out of space to store their content on their device.

9 Samsung Connected Ecosystem Experience
Last but not least, the Galaxy Note7 connects users to Samsung’s ecosystem of devices, software and services, which are designed to improve how consumers connect, share, organize and get more out of life. Users can monitor their fitness activities on the Gear Fit2 or Gear IconX and track their data through the S Health 5.0 app.


Samsung Galaxy Note7 Specifications: