5 Reasons why LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort is the ideal Family vacation spot


LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort has been providing a convenient and exciting family holiday destination since its opening in 2012. Singaporeans have been flocking there by the hordes, and so have our friendly neighbours from other SEA countries.

The 31-hectare resort provides a variety of entertainment activities for both the young and the old. They’ve got it all covered from the hotel lobby to the rooms to the disco-elevator (yes you heard me right, DISCO) and both the wet and dry theme parks as well.

Read on to find out more on why LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort is the perfect holiday destination for you and your kids.

Reason #1: Their rooms are specifically designed for families
All rooms within the hotels are themed. Choose from three different types of themes: Kingdom, Pirate, or Adventure. Click here for more information.

The standard room is equipped with a king-sized bed, as well as a 3-tier bunk bed. Unfortunately there is only one bathroom within the standard room, and has to be shared among all occupants.

(Tip: In the worksheet, they miswrote spiders as scorpions.)

Here is a secret that I discovered in the Adventure Room. Within the room lies a treasure chest holding a precious cargo that awaits your discovery. Find the worksheet, solve the questions and unlock the treasure chest, and take your treasure home!

Reason #2: They have a fantastic theme park for all ages
It is day one of your vacation and you’re not ready to get yourself wet yet. So why not visit the famous LEGOLAND theme park?

There are four roller coaster rides – three dry, one wet – within the amusement park that have been tuned to suit young children. However if your kid is looking for a tad more thrill, try Project X which was my favourite ride of them all.

Also, opening this November 2016, LEGOLAND Malaysia will have a brand new 4D ride, LEGO NINJAGO: The Ride. With the use of hand movements in a striking motion, the passengers can act like ninja warriors and blast animated fireballs, throw lightning bolts, create shockwaves and send ice soaring through.

Reason #3: Terrified of the weather? Go to the water park then
Next to the dry theme park is the wet park, where there is a lazy river with styrofoam lego bricks in it, an amazing wave pool and tons of water slides of all heights and variety.

My favourite part of water park is ironically the Joker Soaker, a large water playground with a big water bucket above. Despite it being a playground, some of the water slides in it can be pretty thrill-inducing.

Do be warned though that a wet suit is advisable as some of the water slides are rather sharp and it can be painful when sliding down.

Reason #4: Concerned about food? Bricks Family Restaurant has you covered!
A 420-seater buffet restaurant is located on the ground floor of the building. With the buffet menu being created with children firmly in mind and over 30 types of dishes made available, you can relax during mealtimes. Your family members will definitely be able to find a cuisine that is suited to their liking.

There are several ‘live’ cooking stations located at the balcony of the restaurant so do remember to check those out!

Reason #5: Legoland Malaysia Resort is a mere 15 mins away from Singapore!
That’s right, LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort is only 15 mins away from TUAS Checkpoint. For a smooth and convenient ride, book your tour package with WTS Travel.

To find out more on the process between crossing the immigration checkpoints and getting to LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort, click here.

Editor: Sophie Leow