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Great weekend,
Sitex IT Fair Day 3,
My review on Notebook,
Million of People @ Singapore Expo.

Horay peeps! haha, today was fun man. xD Haha, didnt attend nuffnang blood drive donation event today…but nvm, i went to the IT fair at singapore expo again! And this time, went with Darshini and her cousin. opps, dunno her cousin name, nvm, my post still continues even throught i dunno her cousin name. hehe, read further down to know more.

Today, Met darshini (my classmate) and her cousin (Not my classmate) at around 12.45pm at singapore expo mrt control station. We went to Sitex IT Fair @ Singapore Expo Hall 5 & 6, Foyer 2. One thing to say that, today singapore expo was full of thousand of people! lols, i think more than that lor…so diffcult to walk a step to another step. However, we still manage to get into the IT Fair. Btw: Do u saw me there today? hehe under thousand million of people if u saw me, i say u pro ar…lols.

Been went to different type of company to see different type of laptop and PC as well as other technology stuff. Well, we walked few round and darshini also brought some PC game. while walking, saw many promoter were promote their NoteBook (Laptop) to their customer and for we, also get to know some notebook specification and other thingy. Wanna know wad my review on this IT Fair? read next paragraph!

Review On Today Sitex IT Fair
Since today i get to heard some specification from different promoter, here i gonna share some of my review on those promoter. Firstly, when i walked to their “company” station, they started to give me flyer, well this very common right? lols, Den they will start talking/saying about the Notebook specification. From the word came from their mouth, i can know that they really lieing or not lor. Due to my IT knowledge, some Notebook which is not good but the promoter say until very good…lols, i guess Darshini also knew that. By buying one good Notebook (laptop), basicly just nid to check four thing will do.

The four thing are: Processor (CPU), RAM, Graphic Card and HDD.
Therefore, some ppl will ask, why check these 4 thing only?

ok, here the answer: These 4 thingy will played a role in ur computer/notebook speed. I guess u all dunwan ur computer to be laggy or hang at anytime in using right? therefore these 4 thing played an important part of role when using it. After checking these 4 specif, then can continues check other component such as, dvd player, blue-ray, card reader, bluetooth, weight and bleah bleah bleah~!

Haa, back to IT Fair. We walked inside the IT Fair from 12 plus till 3 plus. lols, total of 2 -3 hrs plus…and of cos leg tired man!!! went to 7-11 brought some drink and hang around expo awhile before going home. Seriously, Today, Saturday the horror man~!!! So many people, from top look down, is like saw thousand of ant crawling on the floor lor…LOL xD

As soon as i reached home at around 3plus nearly 4pm. Rest awhile and prepare going out to meet Jerome and Jian Hao. As usual, chat and drink along…lols…Bleah~ *i guess u all had no interest in our conversation ba…* So after accompany jerome for his dinner and i came back home at around 6pm.

Today, skip nuffnang blood drive event due to something on. So sry ar…haha, But was fun going out with darshini and her cousin to IT fair. Oh ya, today went to compac station cannot zhiyong sia…Where the hell he go lor…lols, but saw joshua there. hehe…

Alright, end my post here for today. Thank for ur reading and viewing^^
Photo will be upload soon, meanwhile just read the text will do ^^ haha…
TakeCare Peeps! xD