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02/07/09 ~ 03/07/09
Thursday ~ Friday
8 more days to go…
A Treat by Kaizhi
Happy Birthday to Weijie

Woohoo! 8 more days to turn one year older! Nowadays, dunno what happen to the clock and earth…Run so fast till now 2nd of July! lols…Alright, what happened yesterday and today? read the next few paragraph to know more…*The Non-Picture post*

Sudden Treat
Yesterday (01/07), Met up with Kaizhi in the evening at Tampines interchange. Just a random meet up, shopping at Tampines One and Tampines Mall. As his first visit at tampines one, i bring him walk throughout the whole shopping…introduce some new shop to him…bleah bleah bleah so on…

Soon later, we went over to Tampines Mall to shop…We walked past Seoul Garden and Out of sudden, Kaizhi say..”you still can eat? I treat you seoul garden”…lols my eyes stun lor…So Sudden! haha…Kaizhi this person always like to give ppl surpise…Anyway, we went in Seoul Garden and enjoying our meal on MEAT! FULL of Meat! hahaha….

We chat while cooking and eating those meat…and ate some dessert before leaving the seoul garden. In between time, kaizhi also show me some picture on the new nuffnang office…*eyes roll lor* Inside the new nn office room is somehow like……. haha, i dunwan say first…if not, my next visit nothing to write…xD

Left seoul garden at 10.15pm, took a walk and slack somewhere to chat…Yesterday conversation topic was HOT…and this conversation will be continue for the next meet up…haha…Afterall, still wanna thank Kaizhi for the SUDDEN dinner! haha…

Today (02/07)…Been designing and editing the birthday party poster for the whole day…and here it come out result! haha will upload the detail and poster in my blog soon…Well, afternoon i also went down to RP (the most unsafe school) to look for jerome for lunch…and also saw Fyn and Weijie…lalala….

Farewell Isabel and Alissa
My 2 USA friends, Isabel and Alissa will be flying back to Texas in within this 12hrs time…Knew them since FlashMob Event as we are under the group 1. Still remember the first time met and the introducing was funny…haha…Soon later, Singapore River Festival @ Pjs event…The friendship turn stronger. We caught the Ultimate magic show and i guess tats was the last event outing they attended in singapore. Well, i hope the both sisters had enjoying having fun in singapore recently! Glad to meet and know you as well, thank for visiting my blog daily! =) haha…

Msg To Both Sis:
Safe Trip on your way home…Hope you have enjoying drinking your fav. YAM bubbletea in SG! haha..Dunno when the next meet up will be but i guess in SG u have capture some nice memory throughout those event…thank for feedback thank for review…Really hope see ya soon! Farewell~! =)

Happy Birthday To Weijie
Before i end my blog post for today…Lets Wish Happy Birthday to Weijie!!! haha…met this bro since i knew nuffnang! Many outsider tot we are brother but…too bad we are not! xD hehe…Visit his blog now to wish him a big big big Happy Birthday!!!

Tats all for today…
Thank for your reading! xD
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  1. Hi,
    sometimes friend can be more brotherly than real brother…
    lol, everyone that we met have a purpose in our life. Do drop by when u r online, tks!