Private Home Tuition – Is a Necessity in Singapore

Private Home Tuition

Private Home Tuition in Singapore

Tuitions may seem overrated to many people and essential to some. But, the main question that should be put in focus is- Are home tuitions necessary? Singapore is a fast developing economy and education has a notable role in this development. Therefore, parents in Singapore are focused on the educational achievement of their children.

In addition to this, private home tuitions are considered as a reliable way of improving the success of students in Singapore. In the following discussion, let us find out the reasons for which home tuitions have become popular in Singapore. Furthermore, we shall also be outlining how a good home tutor might also help in Singapore.

Insights about private tuitions in Singapore

Before proceeding with our discussion about the reasons for which home tuitions in Singapore are considered a necessity, let us take a look at the statistics related to private tuitions in Singapore.

• The tuition industry in Singapore has shown a favorable growth rate by rising in value from $650 million in 2008 to almost over $1.1 billion in 2018.

• According to sources, the number of tuition centers in Singapore was around 840 as of 2014. The Ministry of Education has officially registered these tuition centers. This clearly shows the popularity of private tuitions in Singapore.

• The percentage of students attending tuitions in Singapore could also show the popularity of private tuitions clearly. It has been found that around 6 in 10 Secondary School students and 8 in 10 Primary school students go for private tuitions.

• It is also essential to note that parents in Singapore do not hesitate to pay for a good home tutor. This can be observed in the average monthly expenditure of $155 to $255 on tuition PER CHILD. Hourly rates for private tuition we found on the website of one of the popular tuition agencies, SmileTutor, shows that it can go up to $120/hour!

Home Tuition

Reasons for the popularity of private tuitions

Now, let us focus on the reasons for which home tuitions are considered a necessity in Singapore.

• Underpaid teachers don’t teach well:

The foremost reason for the rise in popularity of private tuitions is the lack of sufficient payment for teachers. Regular teaching jobs at schools do not provide adequate salaries. This is the reason for which many teachers are not able to provide excellence in regular lessons at school.

One size fits all doesn’t work for everyone:

Students attending regular schools cannot get the required attention from teachers. Students have to focus on different subjects, and it is essential for them to deal with performance in individual subjects. Private tuitions can help in covering up any issues that students feel in various subjects.

• The inability of parents to give time for studies of children:

A good home tutor might also help in keeping parents away from stress. Parents could not find the required time for attending to the concerns of their student’s studies. Therefore, an expert private teacher is needed to compensate for the gaps in the studies of children.

• Every student is different:

Students in Singapore could also have different learning preferences. For example, a student may learn the concepts taught in class with ease by asking questions directly to the teacher. On the other hand, many students do not feel comfortable in asking questions to the teacher. This means that education remains incomplete for them.

Benefits that excel

If the reasons mentioned above are taken into account, then a good tutor seems like a necessity! However, what good can be received by choosing private tuition? To respond to this question, some of the benefits of private tuitions can be illustrated below as follows.

• Attention:

The most noted benefit that can be obtained from private tuitions is the facility of individual attention. A good tutor would provide personalized help by focusing on the weaknesses and strengths of a student. Private tutors could support students to overcome obstacles in various subjects without having to risk failure.

• Comfortable learning:

Students do not have to hurry in the process of learning. In the case of home tuition, teachers could understand the preferences of learning for a child and modify their teaching methods.

• More than just the subjects:

Finally, it would be essential to note that the convenience of learning at home with a good home tutor proves to be an advantage! Tutors and students could be able to devote their time to learn essential skills apart from the core subjects. Some skills that students can learn in private tuitions include time management, spotting the details and skills for exams.

On a concluding note, it can be stated that home tuitions in Singapore do have promising benefits for students. The growth of the Singapore tuition industry and the widespread interest among parents in Singapore for spending more on educational excellence are essential factors that would drive the increased enrolment of students in private tuitions.