Premium Durian High Tea Buffet at Marriott Cafe


Calling all durian lovers! This is the season for durians with this fruit widely available. It is now one of the highlights in Marriott Café as your favorite fruit is featured in an extensive durian dessert selection in addition to their popular High Tea buffet. ‬‬

Dig into a plethora of durian goodies treats in differing textures, styles and taste. There are fried durian balls, durian swiss rolls, durian puffs, durian mocha, durian strudel and mini durian mousse in cups among many others.

Which dessert do we recommend? I would suggest trying the fried durian balls as this is a dish that is not available in many places. It has this chewy texture that compliments the flavorful taste of the durian and is something different compared to the usual puffs, mocha or cake like desserts that we are all so used to tasting.

Durian puffs are the signature durian desserts so if you haven’t tried them, you can’t say that you have tried out the durian offerings at this buffet. It is a must try!

If you like to have a taste of durian without any pastries, go straight for the mini durian mousse in a cup. All the durian goodness is in there, nice, strong and thick.

Want to have some say in your durian dessert? Order yourself a durian crepe and feel free to add whatever toppings that delight your taste buds. Yes, help yourself to ice cream too because no dessert is ever complete without a huge scoop of ice cream!

The Love for Durians High Tea Buffet at Marriott Café is available from 1 June to 31 July 2016 on weekdays and weekends at $42 and $45 respectively.