Phewtick App – Tap, Scan & Earn money

Since I like meeting new people, I think this app can earn me some good spare money! Can help in cover my daily transport and meals expenses. I have friends earning S$8 just over a dinner time (1-2hrs).

What happened?
It’s really simple! As usual we are having our dinner and chit chatting, then we took out our phones and scan each other QR code from our mobiles screen. Yes, just scanning and we start earning!!! It’s almost effortless!!! Once you reach $30, you can cash out through Paypal.

So what are you waiting for!!!
Meet people, scan code and start earning money!!! This is the app- Phewtick (Available on iPhone & Android phone)
What is Phewtick?
Phewtick, “the meet-up diary,” is an app that makes recording everyday meet-ups easy and fun.
How can Phewtick help you makes money?
Phewtick is an app to make MONEY by meeting your friends and scanning their QR Codes! There are only 4 STEPS you have to do for getting MONEY on Phewtick.
■ 1st STEP: Tap “Meet” Button!
When you meet your friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, family, or anyone, just open this app, Phewtick.
■ 2nd STEP: Scan QR Codes!
Tap “Meet” button on Phewtick and you will see your own QR code there. You can either show others your own code and let them scan it, or scan others’ code by yourself. Either way will work. If you catch the code through the camera, it will be automatically detected.
■ 3rd STEP: Get Meet-up Points!
After you scan the QR codes and record meet-ups, you can earn points each time. Also, you can have chances to get higher points!
■ 4th STEP: Get Money!
The points you have ever earned can be exchanged into cash, real MONEY. You can choose from several payout options, including bank account and PayPal. Phewtick lets you make money by meeting your friends! Hope everyone enjoy Phewtick!
ALL meet-ups MUST be recorded Face-to-Face. If we detected a user earned points fraudulently, such as creating unknown accounts, disguising location data, or scanning QR codes through photo sharing, we will deduct all points from the account or ban the account eternally.
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Let’s Phewtick together and earn money when we meet people!
This post written by William Tan