Penguin can fly


Penguin can fly,
Nokia 5800 launching in singapore,
Yesterday/Today Blog Post.
Happy 20th Birthday ShiYong!

Yesterday Post
Hey! so happy that no school today! woohoo..haha, will write something which happened yesterday…Alright, yesterday was having free time in school cos i have submitted my project earlier but due to some fact, my friend and I edited something on our project and i think getting an “A” doesnt a problem! xD During lunch time, Me and the other 3 good friends Fazil,QiaoEr,Darshini had planned go Bunger King for meal, ordered BK chicken and so on…came one part that this conversation started by QiaoEr….
After eating BK Chicken…

Qiaoer: Wa…i am so fool (Full)
Darshini: of cos u are fool (Full)
By right at this time QiaoEr still dunno…So i explain in chinese..
Me: huh? QiaoEr why you so fool? 为什么你这么傻?
Me: lols, darshini saying Fool Not Full!

LOL! QiaoEr cant stop laughing after she heard my explain…Anyway, was enjoying having our lunch meal yesterday! haha…

Yesterday night, went to meet one of my malaysia friend, Nikita and together with her singapore friends, for a movie at Tampines mall Golden village. Btw, i know nikita through online gaming cabal last year! we watched [The Curious Case of Benjamin Button] and i find that this movie were funny,interesting and touching…haha, after watching this movie, checking time…and was 12am…LOL! So i went straight to home after the movie…haha tats all for yesterday…xD

Nokia 5800 launching in singapore
Nokia 5800 launching in singapore this coming Friday,27th February 2009. See below for the event details.
Launching PlaceZouk: carpark
9 pm: Party starts at Zouk carpark
9.30 pm: Beatboxer Stitch
10 pm: The All-American Rejects
10.58 pm: Launch of Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and Comes with Music 58 cents Lucky Draw
1 am: Deadmau5 in Zouk Club

I guess those Nokia fans in singapore has been waiting for this Nokia 5800 the latest XpressMusic phone…Well, i had wrote a review on this phone before…So if you are interested you may click the link below to see my review on this phone…I have been using this phone for quite some time from my friend…So far the phone are good…Click the link! check it out now!

Penguin can fly!
Before i end my post…wanna share with you all this interesting animated video which one of my friend,fazil sent it to me since last 3week…Video about Penguin can really fly? haha…we know penguin dont fly…Well, Check it out this funny animated video now!

Alright tats all for today…
Hope u have enjoyed reading/viewing/watching plus clicking it! hahaha
TakeCare People! xD
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