The Orbit Collection Kickstarter: Unique Timepieces inspired by the Earth and Moon


Orbit Collection

Introducing the newly start-up Sand Co. features The Orbit Collection, a series of watches inspired by the Earth and Moon. These timepieces come with a slim, wooden body, hand-marbled dials and an oil-tanned leather strap. It is a perfect watch to match your casual outfit and lifestyle at anywhere, anytime.

“We decide to create The Orbit collection to bring out uniquely styled timepieces, different from most offerings – after a year of development and experimenting with materials. We now live in a world of innovative designs in abundance andSand Co. differentiates mainly from its competitors in its manufacturing process. At Sand Co, the design is done with numerous considerations since every timepiece is individually crafted by hand. To ensure that every individual timepiece meets the quality standard, we produce certain parts of the timepiece such as the main watch body on our own.”
Jun Hong
Jun Hong – Founder of Sand Co
Unique Timepieces
The dials are individually marbled with a 7-step process that gives every dial a non-replicable pattern.
The Orbit Collection
Early bird prices for The Orbit Collection will be at SGD$160

The Orbit Collection features 2 different hand-marbled dials:
1) Earth – a blue dial inspired by its distinct blue waves
2) Moon – a grey dial inspired by the numerous craters on the surface of the moon.

The Orbit Collection will begin its campaign in Kickstarter on 25 July 2017. For more information, please visit their Kickstarter Project.