vPOST Nuffnang Christmas Party Rocks!


vPOST Nuffnang Christmas Party Rocks!
Vpost Nuffnang Xmas Party @ DXO.

HoHoHo! Merry Christmas!
Anyone saw me during the party? lols

Yo everyone! i guess everyone is seeing each another blog post about nuffnang xmas party at DXO. So here, i gonna write out the process happened in detail because it was my memorable day. So just read the next paragraph to know more about it! xD

The Day 20/12, Met joanna and kirby at cityhall interchange. However, Me and Joanna reached Cityhall First and while waiting for Kirby, i saw Josh also. walked over and chat with him awhile till kirby reach. Few min later, Kirby reached, So Me,Kirby and Joanna went to marina square to have our “MINI” dinner first before procee to DXO.

On the way to MS, We were discussing how Club will look like cos we only been to Pub before but not Club..bleah~ After 5min of walked, we finally reached marina square and we went to foodcourt to have our dinner. Kirby and I ordered korean food and Joanna ordered japanese food. Happy eating after all and den, while waiting for WeiJie group to come, chill at the foodcourt for around 30min like tat…So, after Weijie group (Joanne Chan,Paul,Yu Zhen) came, they have their dinner and after that gather together and we walked to DXO for Xmas Party~! woohoo…

Well, We reached DXO place kinda early *Early Bird*, so stood outside and wait for Jordan group to come. While waiting, Excitment happened ar..haha, took some picture around the area. Boss Ming was waving his hand at me and i didnt see it! omg…lols, was chatting with Kirby didnt notice that…but still saw it at last ar…haha, Thank to nuffnang for the invitation to this Xmas party! xD

Somehow Randall (The MC) came toward and chat with us too…haha he trying to guess our Letter. lols, O stand for? ordinary lo…Correct wad…haha…Actually wanted to say O-Ba-Ka (see the next few paragraph).

As Weijie received Jordan msg, said we go in first. Therefore, we register and went in. First step into DXO club, felt cool, haha…started to take picture around the area (inside club) as well as some group picture. Soon later Forest and her friend came.Haha…Fun Fun Fun! We moved to the lower floor seat cos there got more seat for us…well, forgot to say that Nath and Henry came late ytd…but late better than never! lols. After they Nath and Henry came, we walked around and took picture with many other bloggers. (Picture will tell you who i taken with).

As soon as the party started, The MC was so high ar..haha, I heard this sentence came out from his mouth “Everyone had to wear the dressing with the Letter assigned to you and SOMEONE LETTER O WITH ORDINARY! ” LOL! Lucky at tat time i was not sitting at the front..hehe *Sabo kirby* lols (*evils smile*)…bleah bleah~ The party started with a small game while finding Letter from different person and combine it to form VPOST. Nath and Joanne Chan manage to went up on stage ^^ hehe…

Time reached 7.30pm, Is buffet time! haha..Everyone queuing for food. Buffet food taste delicious! ordered beer to drink also.haha..After the buffet, is back to party time. MC back on stage again..The party event game goes with, Best Dress contest. Talks about Best dress, Typical Ben and Virgin Bride won this contest…lols typical ben really look like girl sia…and of cos other contestent also did their very “best” to perform their catwalk on stage. xD

After that, proceed to next game, by finding the letter N.U.F.F.N.A.N.G from nuffies. However malaysian vs singaporean and malaysian won. SOMEMORE the malaysian was my friend josh lor…lols…Next game proceed to singing Xmas song on stage. Kenny sia was called up on stage to sing the Xmas song…lols, well..he keep saying he dunno, so contestent switch to a girl and she sang the Jingle bell song.

Next Proceed to The Top 10 interesting Vpost entries. Big screen flashed out their Blog Link and picture from One to Ten. I was shock when it reached the number 10. MY BLOG FLASH OUT ON THE SCREEN!!…Hohoho..lols…didnt know went into top 10 (*A clap for myself*) ^^ But the prize is only for top 3. So from Top 10, choose top 3 best post. Unfortunately my post didnt get prize But I am still happy to say that went into Top 10 interesting post…Haha…Congrat to those Top 3 winner. Lastly, Lucky Draw event. 1 to 20 i nv kena one! lols..but still wanna congrat those who won the lucky draw event! haha…After all event ended, Took our goodies bag on the way out and took mrt back to home.

Overall, i guess everyone including me had enjoyed this sucessful christmas party. Nice chat with other bloggers as well as Timonthy (Malaysia nuffnang Co-Founder) and Boss Ming. Took alot of picture during the party. Lastly Merry Christmas to everyone and standby for counting down to 2009! woohoo~!

Photographer: Henry Lee
Other Photo Credit To: Josh,Jordan,Joanna,Joanne Chan & Weijie
Thank for your reading and viewing!
TakeCare Peeps! xD
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