Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards


Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards

Hello people! welcome back once again….Have you read my NNawards blog post part 1? This post will be continue from there! woohoo…Last Friday, attended a very grand event by Nuffnang. This time round, nuffnang invited bloggers from different region to attend this event and there were from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Australia. Alright so what happen inside the ballroom? here we go…Lets zoom in see…

For you guy who wonder where i am sitting at? I’m sitting at table number 39 together with my usual gang! haha…I can said that inside the surrounding is somehow like attending a wedding event…lols, like the colour pretty much!

Event started at 8pm, Emcees during that night was Allan Wu and some performance came along as the time pass by…Firstly, Ming and Tim (Nuffnang Co-Founder) given opening speech to everyone followed by seeing their milestones video! Next, Dinner was serve while magic performance by JC Sum & Magic Babe Ning And Rock Music By Electrico.

Time Near 9pm, Awards Presentation started. Top 5 finalist from each categories Video was flashed out onto the big screen and the result was announced! Below here are all the result in each category. Xiaxue won 3 awards and Jayden won the 5k! Congrats to them! xD

Best Blog Shop:
Best Food Blog:
Best Fashion Blog:
Best Parenting Blog:
Best Travel Blog:
Best Celebrity Blog:
Best Entertainment Blog:
Best Geek Blog:
Best Original Blog Design:
Best Influential Blog:
Best Hidden Gem:
Region’s Best Blog:
Best Pringles Video Contest:

Well, the whole event ended around 11pm…After the event, people were walking around, taking picture…Overall, Nuffnang Blog Awards event was success! Thank Nuffnang for the invitation to #nnawards! Managed to make some new friends there as well as met my malaysian nuffnanger friends! Nice meeting you all! 🙂


  1. Wen Pink: hahaha…you should join in man! is damn fun during tat event! =D and u know what? the bloggers tour place we went, is the places i brought u along during ur sg trip! lols..

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