My Trips To Nuffnang Office


My holiday start from today!
Nuffnang Office awesome Cool!
Invited to Nuffnang X’mas Party.

Hey everyone! Today was my first day of holiday and i went to a place which i ever been there before. Plus also nice to meet a blogger came from malaysia as well as his friend. Well, read further down to know more about the happening today! xD

8am i reached school and 10am i reached home. wow, kinda early and my holiday started today! yay! finally can enjoy outing,working,blogging,creating and so on…lols…Afternoon time, while i was finding ppl to have lunch with me, just nice william (my malaysia blogger) called me and we meet up at 1pm at pasir ris whitesand together with his friend (Aric). After we met, went for lunch at whitesand shopping center and have some drink.

Well, William know the malaysia co-founder of nuffnang and he was so excited to meet the boss of nuffnang in singapore. So, we check the map whereby nuffnang was located and book an appointment with Ming. So, everything is ready, we went down all the way from pasir ris mrt station to Ferrer park station. lols, quite a long journey. This was my first time visiting nuffnang company and i am very excited too! haha…

My Trips To Nuffnang Office
Once we reached Ferrer Park station, we were like kinda lost? lols…not lost, is just cant find the way out only…lols…where can we get lost whereby a guy holding on to his Iphone 3G together with the singapore maps! LOL…hahaha…So, we walked out the mrt station, searching for the road,street name and number and….finally we reached! xD

Well, we spend sometime on the security matter cos we dunno how it works but somehow we get into the company and up to their office. First feel of stepping into nuffnang office and it give me an awesome feeling…LOL, whole office LOOK SO COOL SIA! haha…and of cos saw some nuffies and Boss Ming. Cool office, somehow just like house! loving it lor…haha…Alright, Ming invited to their “meeting room” and we have a sit there together with the serve on Chicken Essence, haa *high class* Me, William and Aric 都有一点不好意思 ^^ (abit paiseh) lols. However, we chat along as time goes, mini tour around the office and since the nuffies were busy, we went to roof top visited the mini swimming pool..haha. As time came nearly 4pm, we decided to walk back and took a picture with Boss Ming. Actually wanna took with all nuffies but due to those girls without makeup condition, so just took a picture with Boss Ming. xD Overall, this was a nice trip to nuffnang company and nice to know william Ng this blogger friend from malaysia.

Xmas Header
I reached home around 5.30pm and prepare to maintain my blog for some further upgrading on blog header. And now, the Xmas header had release! haha…Merry Christmas everyone!

I Had Invited to the Nuffnang X’mas Party 2008
HoHoHo…Inbetween the time just now, i received email from nuffnang said i had invited for the nuffnang Xmas party event! Horay! haha…i got 4 tickets! yeepee..! haha… Anyway, i had invited my other 3 friends to the nuffnang xmas party! So cya soon den! haha…*Actually still can invite more if i have more extra ticket* LOL….

Alright, I stop here for today. Thank for ur reading and viewing!
TakeCare peeps! and have a wonderful holiday to all my friends! haha…