My 24th Birthday Celebration at Yum Cha Restaurant


Happy 24th Birthday to Me!!! I had a fabulous birthday celebration last Friday evening at Yum Cha Restaurant at Serangoon Garden Country Club. First of all, I would like to thanks William Tan from TIN for taking up his time for organizing this Birthday celebration for me. I really appreciated for all his hard work in planning out the schedule and also a big thank you to Yum Cha for the special made unique birthday buns and 8 delicious course dinner sponsored for my invited guests.

We were waiting for our foods to be serve! ^^

While waiting for the rest to arrival, I was looking through the menu of the night and realized the dishes were self-customized according to my favourite. Thanks to William idea and Yum Cha for the well-preparation dishes.

Woohoo first dish served on the table!!! And the next second guess what!? Everyone just automatic took out their phone and camera to take the photo of the dish! LOL life of blogger ~

Our first dish was Steamed Birthday Bun! I really appreciate and touch by their effort for this specially made Birthday Bun by Chef from Yum Cha Restaurant. Cute little pink bun was well display with meaningful wishes beside. The birthday bun was filled with soft texture for easy bite and savoury flavourful sauce in it. Delighted soft bite for the start-up dish!

蟠 桃 賀 壽 (Steamed Birthday Bun)

Next, Deep-Fried Scallops in Golden Sauce Served on Lettuce! Some of my friends love this dish because of the golden salted egg sauce topped on the Deep-Fried Scallops. A crispy bite of the scallops will lead you to the next sensation moment. I love it too!

流 沙 翠 盞 玉 帶 (Deep-Fried Scallops in Golden Sauce Served on Lettuce)

Pomfret Tapino was one of my favourite dishes at the celebration night. It was the signature dish of the night too! From the first look, you will know that the chef must be skilful enough to prepare this dish. Likewise, I believe the chef had spent quite a lot of efforts in slicing the fish into pieces and times to prepare the fish soup.

Hence, the scrumptious fish soup was filled up with tender and chewy fresh sliced fish, it was well-prepared with no fishy smell, and in fact it gave me a nature sweet heavenly taste. Awesome!

招 牌 鯧 魚 爐 (Signature Pomfret Tapino)

Yes! I am a PRAWNS LOVER!!!  I am glad that there was this Stir Fried Prawns and Mushroom in Chilli Sauce dish which brighten up my wonderful day. The golden prawns were well-seasoned covered with spicy chilli sauce taste delectable. One of the must try food at Yum Cha Restaurant!

老 干 媽 碧 綠 炒 蝦 球 (Stir Fried Prawns and Mushroom in Chilli Sauce)

Pan Fried Pork Ribs with Pomelo Sauce

Poached Seasonal Vegetable with Mushroom and Tomato – Using the side of slice tomato, the chef had come out a creative idea of making this dish into a lotus look. Look clean and appetizing!

瑤 池 仙 景 (Poached Seasonal Vegetables with Mushroom and Tomato)

After having so many delightful dishes, here come the last dish of the day; Fried Mee Sua with Assorted Seafood! The Mee Sua was cut into small pieces, not too oily and taste yummy. It’s one of the recommended dishes I could say especially during the celebration day! ^^

海 鮮 桂 花 炒 面 線 (Fried Mee Sua with Assorted Seafood)

A surprise Birthday Cake bought by CK Chai and Tselyn! Really a big thank you!!!

Lastly, I would like to thank my guests who took their precious time travelling all the way down to Yum Cha Restaurant at Serangoon Garden Country Club for my birthday celebration. Although, it was a rainy night but I believed that everyone had enjoyed the quality time moment, having fun at the round table and enjoyed delicious meal prepared by Yum Cha. And also a BIG THANK YOU for all the Birthday wishes on my social site; Instagram, SMS, Whatsapp and FB!!! THANK YOU (Y)

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