Must Have Features of Your New Luxury Kitchen

Luxury Kitchen

Luxury Kitchen

“The luxury real estate market has corrected by as much as 20 to 25 percent compared to the rest of the market” in Singapore, notes Chandran VR, managing director of Cosmopolitan Real Estate. Luxury investors and homebuyers are once again seeking to purchase high-end homes and that means that the interior design/renovations trade is also booming. When it comes to kitchens, the ‘open style’, in which the kitchen is connected to the living room to enhance the smooth flow of communication is hugely popular, as are specific fittings and equipment for use by budding chefs in the family. In this post we present a few exciting features we are seeing in luxury kitchens across the globe.

Instagrammable Island Cooktops

An island cooktop somehow invites the whole family to gather together to prepare or enjoy a meal, especially breakfast or snack time, when time is of the essence but togetherness is still an aim. Luxury homes require luxurious materials, though, so if you are building an island, do so in a durable, popular material. Top choices for islands and countertops include engineered quartz (classic black and white is all the rage); zinc (which is dark and tones and adds welcoming warmth); and recycled glass (one of the most expensive choices but very sophisticated in appearance).

Kitchen Equipment

Equipment with Tradition

When you invest in a Le Creuset cast iron pot, a sharp cutting knife, or a quality American slow cooker, you are doing so much more than purchasing equipment that will stand the test of time. You are letting your guests know that you are eager to embrace other food cultures. Some of this equipment (think gleaming steel pots) can also be displayed for a rustic or professional kitchen look.

Coffee Bar

Coffee Bar Corner

A luxury kitchen is usually spacious enough to include personalised spaces. Discerning homeowners who love entertaining can dedicate an area of their kitchen for use as a coffee bar. This area can comprise a separate ‘island’ with a set of stools for exclusive use by discerning coffee connoisseurs. Creating a dedicated coffee space is convenient, since all machinery, equipment, and designer cups and saucers can be stored in one place for easy access.

Designer Splashbacks

Designer Splashbacks

Even if you favor minimalist or modern looks in your kitchen, designer splashback features can totally change or highlight the ambience and make it easier to clean up after cooking. These days, top magazines are revealing trends such as Moroccan tiling, glossy black glazes, and sophisticated crackled ceramic. When choosing a splashback, think of it as a small canvass which can add a touch of art and awe to an otherwise serious looking space.

Luxurious Lighting

Hanging light features and chandeliers can up the chic factor in your kitchen, connecting it to the living room through the use of similar decorative pieces or styles. Lighting can be über traditional, featuring Baroque-style pieces hanging above your island or sitting area. They can also be modern; instead of just one lamp, why not hang several pendant lights which vary in shape, size, and length?

We have mentioned just a few features that are prominent in the luxury kitchen sector, though the sky’s the limit when budget isn’t a question. Cutting edge countertops and islands, designer furniture and equipment, and ambient lighting can do plenty to make the space more appealing. If you have a lot of space, think of how to make the most of it and consider creating a special spot for the coffee and tea lovers in your life.