Mount Faber Walk


Mount Faber Walk with family Today!

Morning, around 9.40am, me and my sister meet my cousin [QingYi], Er yi, Er yi zhang and wai po at harbourfont. Walk out the D exit from the mrt station and proceed to our Mount Faber Walk.
but before tat, my sister, Er yi and Er yi zhang went to the bus interchange hawker center to buy lunch food, because we will be having our lunch ontop of the mountain! haha..

well, left me, my cousin and grandma waiting at the mount faber entance. During waiting time, saw many group of family or couple also start walking up the mountain… lol..
den, me and my cousin at there keep taking photo…

After 15min, they came back le… i came out a plan on taking photo together before we went up…so, i adjust my phone camera to self-timemode, and will take itself after 10second. Photo was sucessfully taken! haha… and we start our journey!.
The Mount Faber was tall enough, cos we use around 30min to climb up half of the mountain…, we setter down and rest awhile as well as having our lunch first…
There scenery was dam nice and the wind dam cool! lol.. photo taken also. xD

After we ate, we continue to climb up again! and After 20min like tat, we reached the cable car place! lol.. Many tourist were there….
we went up to the cable car arrival places and take some picture…

After tat, continues to walk up again! xD, This time, we reached hendrous wave. Here the places was dam cool lor… the brigde dam long sia… so called “singapore 万里长城” [新加坡万里长城]!
LOL! We take a long time walking the whole bridge, plus walking through the forest…
well, before we went in the forest, there a sign write NO FEEDING MONKEY! but we didnt see any monkey…lol.. only see bird ar…
we took a long time to walk through out the forest, took around 1hrs plus…
Long walk lor… During walking time, also saw some fruit trees, like; durian.
tired walk, but enjoy! haha…
Total Time we use to walk out the mountain: 3hrs plus…
haha…After The Mountain Climbing, we rest awhile and take bus back to harbourfont interchange. den we went to vivocity to eat and shop. Also saw 1 roadshow at there, about jackNeo latest movie [钱不够用2] Money Not enough part 2. too bad cant take any photo, cos i was standing far behide… haha…Anyway, Money Not enough part 2 releasing soon in july! haha…overall, the journey end at 3pm plus.
went back home and this time, is the time to edit all the photo le…
of cos not all edit by today, cos nid think of different design putting on it… haha..
Maybe nid 2-3day or even 1week…. haha..
well, will post asap once my photo edited… hehe..:PTats all for today on “Mountain Climbing
View the Top Scenery View the Top of the World!残了!连梦也是你!

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