Mocha Live up my work


My Monday not blue!
Mocha live up my work..

Hello people! First of all so sorry for the late reply of Tag/message/comment/Msn…I am so called busying with my working today! So happy that NO MORE OT WEEK!!! Yay! haha…Alright, let me share with you the things happened today from morning till evening during my working time! xD

Bright sunny morning, took the early bus go to work…In fact i reach there the earliest! lols, first time sia…haha, Early Morning got free breakfast to eat, treated by Erlina..woohoo HOT CAKE from mcd~ lols, you guy might wanna know why my title called my monday not blue…Well, Seriously i dont feel blue today BUT FEEL RED!!! HOT Weather is killing me today! Make my throat out of voice *lucky not infornt of my customer* and Make me slpy too! haha…

Something cure my slpyness today…and guess wad that? Is Mocha Coffee From Cheers store! Per $1 Mocha Cure my sleep away! I drank 2 cans today! haha…Mocha live up my work and give me energy to talk to more customer! *Repeating the same sentence really will go crazy* Sometime see the familiar faces again and again…lols..

Mocha Coffee! I love you! Btw, didnt buy cappuccino cos too expensive liao…haha, therefore, i will goes for my second choice which is MOCHA!!! haha…Sometime, i hope i have one dozen of mocha coffee infront of me but i know drink too much is bad for health…xD

Interacted with alot customer but one good thing is tat today been slacking using notebook doing some online surfing…wanna thank to Aisyah and Erlina for helping me serving the customer while i “AFK” haha…Alright, wanna know my FULL POST from Day 7 to Day 10 working in NYP IT roadshow…This thursday, i will write it out! Left with 3 more days and i started to miss everyone~! ^^ haha…

Tats all for today…i am kinda tired now..haha
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