The Little Nyonya


Hi peeps! I always like channel 8 9pm drama since when i was young. And here I am going to introduce the next channel 8, 9pm drama! haha Is called “The Little Nyonya” (小娘惹). Haha, Looking forward on it. Click the link to see more about little Nyonya~! xD

Cast Actor/Actress:
欧萱 饰演 黄菊香(母亲), 欧萱 分饰 – 山本月娘(女儿)
戴阳天 饰演 山本洋介
戚玉武 饰演 陈锡
白薇秀 饰演 黄玉珠
郭蕙雯 饰演 黄珍珠
洪乙心 饰演 黄美玉
许美珍 饰演 秀娟
林梅娇 饰演 桂花
姚玟隆 饰演 刘一刀
方展发 饰演 陈盛
向云 饰演 天兰
李茵珠 饰演 陈老太
林明伦 饰演 黄金成
陈邦鋆 饰演 黄天宝
黄慧 饰演 阿桃
Adapted From :

Telecast: From Nov 25, 2008, Mon – Fri at 9pm on Channel 8

The story begins from the 1930s, spanning over 70 years till modern day.

Juxiang is born into a big Peranakan family where her mum is a mistress. She is gentle, beautiful and a fantastic cook. Born deaf-mute, she is ostracized by people. Right before the Japanese Occupation in Singapore, she is forced to marry a rich Peranakan as a mistress. Juxiang resists the marriage and runs away from home. She then meets a young Japanese photographerand after many obstacles, they finally get married and Juxiang gives birth to a daughter Yue Niang. During the World War, Juxiang is tortured and both her husband and her dies leaving behind their 8-year-old daughter.
Yue Niang is passed around families and eventually ends up at her grandfather’s house. Under the supervision of her grandmother, Yue Niang learns to cook Peranakan dishes and sewing. She grows up looking exactly like her mother and is exceptionally beautiful. After the war, her maternal relatives who ran away to England to seek refuge during wartime return home. Yue Niang then leads the life of her mother – always discriminated, beaten up and tortured. She puts up with all these in order to protect her grandmother.
Yue Niang’s pretty looks incurs jealousy from her cousin and attracted many rich Peranakans to chase after her. However, she only has eyes for penniless driver Chen Xi.

Chen Xi actually comes from an educated and wealthy family. He hides his identity to be with Yue Niang. Yue Niang’s kindness, pureness and persistence move Chen Xi and he loves her deeply too. Unfortunately, their relationship is filled with many obstacles and difficulties. Under pressure from his family, Chen Xi is forced to marry Yue Niang’s cousin instead. Yue Niang is then sold to a butcher, Liu Yi Dao.
Yue Niang is unwilling to accept the fact that her life is always manipulated by others and decides to end her own life. Yue Niang’s strong personality impresses Liu Yi Dao and they become sworn siblings instead. Yue Niang decides to choose her own path in life. She begins learning how to run a business and in the process, she is framed and ousted from her business. Although she is badly hit, she manages to overcome the odds and save her declining family business. Sadly, her love life has yet to begin a new chapter with no news about her lover, Chen Xi.