LG G2 Photography Workshop with Mr Aik Beng Chia


Just last Wednesday, LG invited several bloggers (including me!) and its fans to a photography workshop conducted by Mr Aik Beng Chia. 

Together with me at the event is a classmate and good friend of mine, Guo Qiang, who also helped me with the event photos you see here. Thank you Guo Qiang!

Before the actual workshop begins, LG lend us a set of LG G2 each for the workshop. Starting off the workshop is Mr Bang from LG who gave us some insights to the LG G2’s design philosophy, which is based on the theme ‘Learning from You’ and some of the new features that are incorporated into its new flagship phone that was launched just last week. 

Having missed the media launch a week ago, this is my first time playing with the device. Pretty attracted by the “knock on” feature on the phone. The phone allows you to tap twice on the centre of the screen to wake it up.

What makes the LG G2 truly amazing is how LG managed to use their expertise in making displays to pack the 5.2 inch True HD AH-IPS display in the smartphone (not smart phablet !) category. Whether you are viewing videos, or just looking at the photos you have taken with the G2’s 13MP camera, the experience is simply stunning!

After the brief introduction to the LG G2, Mr Aik Beng Chia showcased the great photos he had taken with only his mobile phone over last weekend.

The 13MP high-resolution camera comes equipped with Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS) technology which prevents blurring and allows for clearer, brighter and sharper images. It also includes Multi-point AF to keep everything in focus.

Here are some his works captured using the LG G2 (Photo credits Mr Chia Aik Beng).

Mr Chia generously shared with us some tips to make the best out of our smartphone. He also taught us how to make use of the in-built editing apps.

My friend Guo Qiang took a few photographs of the props and food at the event. Here are some of his works. (: 


Thanks again to LG for organizing this wonderful workshop!

(Images credit Chin Guo Qiang unless otherwise credited)


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