Last Day of Chinese New Year


Last Day of Chinese New Year in 2009

Hoho! Today the last day of chinese new year 2009, i guess everyone had visited their relative or friends hus as well as collected alots of angpow! haha…i been eating and drinking cny goodies since from first of cny till now and i hope can gain some weight ar…lols. Well, Last day of CNY also know as Chinese valentine day, So here, i wish everyone 元宵节快樂! 情人节快乐!你快我乐!yaypee…! haha…今天的月亮好圆好耀眼!哈哈。。。

Back to home in the morning…was having visual basic lesson again, and one thing surpise me was my programming got improve! haha…i created a form which so called “Blog View plus Earning record”. Overall, i tested out and was very successful! This my first time in Visual Basic class, keying all the programming code and i can said not much error in running with it. But not to forgot to thank to QiaoEr and Fazil for helping me solving a little one line error. haha…Afternoon networking class, i was like Sian dao……Nothing to say. So i login my facebook and play some game from there….as time near 3pm i went back to home.

In the evening, received a email from raine and said that my cheque has been sent and will receive it soon…Omg! i am waiting this email for too long liao ar…hahaha…My First Cheque from nuffnang is coming….hehe, *i am waiting* PostMan, faster send the cheque to my hus! wahahaha

Thank you all my visitor
Before i end my post for today, i wanna thank everyone who visited my blog since from last month till now! cos my weekly view finally break 1.2k (uniques view) and for monthly uniques view, it break 4.8k…haha, After blogging for certain period, this currently my highest view rate! xD So, thank everyone who visit here…and thank to people who care to writing something in my tagbox! Hpility blog is coming up new header soon…Stay tune! Dont switch channel! hahaha…

Alright, i stop here for today…More interesting post coming up!
Thank for ur visiting!
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