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Outing with bloggers since past 2 week
ION Shopping Mall

Hello people! finally got time to blog again! haha…Time flies fast and today is wednesday, soon later weekend come again..! cant wait for weekend to come whereby can enjoy outing and meeting friends as well as bloggers.

Recently, since the past 2 week, i have been outing with bloggers to different places and as days past by, met new nuffnanger Jacqueline and her friend Josh…This happened FEW days BACK whereby there an event called Peranakan food festival located at singapore river. Peranakan food festival food sold too expensive, Therefore, instead of trying out peranakan food, we took some photo only and we proceed on to Thai Smile Cafe for our dinner.

After dinner-ing at Thai Smile Cafe, we walked ahead to orchard road! lols….you guy will think tat we were crazy! from clarke quay walk to orchard! not near hor! hahaha….However, we still reached our destination to Orchard ION Shopping Mall.

Haha, i guess many shopaholic will turn insane when they shop at ION mall…Reason is because inside this shopping mall, all item product are branded! For your more info, ION is a new shopping mall which just open not long ago in Orchard! Below here are some of the ION shopping mall photo..xD

Welcome to ION Orchard ^_^

Stephen Touched Her ASS! wahahaha

Next, we heading to cineleisure to meet joyce stella,ming hui and joyce. Chill at Xing wang cafe,drank HK Tea and we chat about few hrs before we call it a day…Well, was a nice outing last friday! been eating,drinking and camwhoring alots with them…! haha…

Still got more outing blog post coming up! Next will be NDP preview on firework with stephen,joyce stella and jianhao! we happened last saturday! Stay Tune!

Tats all for today!
Thank for your reading and viewing! xD
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  1. Longest buffet?!

    I missed it!!! darn!!

    I want food.!!! hahaha…

    u often go kai kai hor.. amazing how much time u can find.. salute! hehehe…

    its always great to go kai kai with frens!

  2. Teddy: hahaa…only recently go kai kai…just spend one day of my time! xD

    Rayz: yup! not all shop open but most of the shop open le =) very big shopping mall xD