Li Xiang Lan Hotpot Restaurant (李香蓝重庆火锅) serves you Iced Bamboo Dripping Pot concept

Li Xiang Lan Hotpot Restaurant

Li Xiang Lan Hotpot Restaurant

Where to find lookalike Royal palace other than Buddha Tooth Relic Temple in Chinatown? Well, start gathers your friends and makes your way to Li Xiang Lan Hotpot Restaurant (李香蓝重庆火锅); nestled at 46 Smith Street for a scrumptious Chongqing hotpot dinner.

Royal palace

The vibrant and charming restaurant offers a wide variety of the fine and freshest ingredients that satisfy your tastebud. The soup selection includes; Szechuan Hot and Spicy, Tom Yum, Tomato and Chicken broth. Lastly, get ready to be amazed by their ‘iced bamboo dripping pot’ concept!

Iced Bamboo Dripping Pot Concept

Li Xiang Lan Hotpot

Chongqing hotpot dinner

What’s good about Li Xiang Lan Hotpot Restaurant?
  • Displays are Instagram-Worthy
  • Serves with freshest ingredients
  • A recommended cozy place for gathering

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Li Xiang Lan Hotpot Restaurant (李香蓝重庆火锅) Location:

Opening hours: 11.30am to 4.30am
Location: 46 Smith Street, Singapore 058956