I might be wearing



I might be wearing…,
Tml 20/12 Vpost nuffnang christmas party 2008.
Date: 20/12/08
Venue: DXO (opp marina square)
Time: 6pm start to 10pm end.
People are u ready for party?
HOHOHO~ Merry christmas!
Christmas is coming in 6 days time. Some of my friend had called me to attend their chruch ‘service’ but i all had rejected…cos it crush with my working day and hrs… So sorry…however, i still wish u all merry christmas…
Well, people keep saying of christmas…but you all know the background history of chirstmas day? Today gonna share with you all about their history ^^ read next paragraph to know more about it! xD
Due to the overload of text (wording) i gonna paste all the link here about history of chirstmas in different places.
Alright, Lets skip into our MAIN topic for today! see below…
Vpost party, as i said in the earlier on, people who are invited to this party will be assign with a letter either V,P,O,S or T. Well, for me…i dunno “heng” or “sway” (good or bad luck) kena letter ‘O’. After my few hrs for research through internet on google and yahoo…The Letter ‘O’ whereby people cosplay on its character, out of 100% i think i only saw 8% of character starting with letter ‘O’. Confuse right? nvm let me write some example here, such as: Osama,Obama,Octopus hairstyle and Old Wizard.
LOL, Look at those Picture below! I MIGHT BE wearing them during the Xmas party~~~!!! lols…

Look at the first picture, OSAMA, guess everyone know! LOL, but look at second picture…IS OLD WIZARD….老妖?LOL!
I am kinda excited now, wonder who will be there, what its about and so on…bleah~ haha… Are you ready for it? hehe…dont wait! lets party!

Tats all for today! Thank for ur reading and viewing!
TakeCare Peeps! xD
Happy Days.

See ya all the nuffnanger!