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Hot in December 2009

Hello people! welcome to december 2009! hohoho…December christmas season! Very fast here come the last month of 2009…Been through many things for the past few month…So, what your plan during december this year? haha…for me, i guess will be keep watching drama,outing but at the same time also plan to find part time job…My holiday is coming in 1 week time!

Nice sky appear recently during afternoon time..below this picture took at marina square whereby i met my cousin for lunch 2 days ago…

Yeah, another delay thing to share…Last week, taken my namecard…Had pass to some people too…If you lucky enough, you might get one from me too.. 😀

If you have follow my twitter…you guy will realize i recently keep twitting about new song new drama as well as new movie. Yes! Hot news happening in december is tat, directed by Jaychou drama 熊猫人, is coming out next week! woohoo…cant wait to watch it! More preview and review coming up next…

Continue from previous blog post..By making this blog interesting…starting from this week.Every Monday, there will be a 海派甜心 drama review by me @

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