Happy Father Day


Happy Father Day!
Happy Birthday To Terrence Ang!

Great Day! xD, Went to my Grandma hus in the morning, not early morning but still morning. Family gathering xD for Father Day! haha… Grandma today cook chilli crab and some other nice food too~ haha…
but before tat, still got black pepper chicken, Fried and blah blah blah so on…~ lol..

During Afternoon while my grandma was cooking, Me, qingyi, yongxing,yongxiang went down to AMK hub to shop and play… lol, i didnt play, only shop! xD
After tat, when yongxing & yongXiang go le, me and qingyi went down to AMK B2 to buy durian milkshake! Taste nice LOR! HAHA…1cup Cost $3! kinda expensive…. ~!!

After shopping, went back to grandma hus to rest have prepare to have our dinner. But my Cousin qingyi ate the chilli crab “hand” first… below here, some photo as an evidence! :

above those pic, is my “famous” cousin! lol, he want me to post here, not my fault… 😛

well, heard from my uncle said tat, kungfu panda mandrian verison also very funny. inside still got abit hokkien! haha, maybe going watch wif jackie, but still haven confirm. Tat time watch English version le…so now, dunno wanna watch again anot…

hmm..let me think still got wad can write here…
啊!the 唯我独尊 in female group, F4 didnt get the champion in girl group…sad case, cos i vote for her…
氦~ 真可惜!。

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