Give your best Sunshine GIF at the Mandarin Gallery this weekend


Hop over to the entrance of Mandarin Gallery for a special treat from Sunshine in this festive season, from 16 December to 25 December 2016. Sunshine is setting up a photo booth where everyone and anyone can take pictures together with their loved ones! Here is their photo booth operating hours:

  • 16 Dec (Fri)5pm – 10pm (5 hours)
  • 17 Dec (Sat)12noon – 10pm (10 hours)
  • 18 Dec (Sun)12noon – 10pm (10 hours)
  • 19 Dec (Mon)5pm – 10pm (5 hours)
  • 20 Dec (Tue)5pm – 10pm (5 hours)
  • 21 Dec (Wed)5pm – 10pm (5 hours)
  • 22 Dec (Thu)5pm – 10pm (5 hours)
  • 23 Dec (Fri)12noon – 10pm (10 hours)
  • 24 Dec (Sat)12noon – 10pm (10 hours)
  • 25 Dec (Sun)12noon – 10pm (10 hours)

This isn’t your old-fashioned photo booth but a new age GIF photo booth that animates your photos into a GIF.

What’s more, Sunshine will be giving away 24,000 loaves of the newly crafted Canadian Sprout Extra Fine wholemeal bread. The bread is made with 100% Wholemeal Flour plus it is LOW in FAT and LOW in SUGAR! This loaf is baked with Canadian Anthograins which gives our bread the aromatic taste of wholemeal despite being finely milled. The Canadian Anthograin is sprouted to increase the grain’s digestibility and nutrient absorption.

While waiting to enter the Sunshine animated GIF photo booth, you’ll be able to sample Sunshine’s Canadian Sprout Extra Fine topped with premium SCS Cream Cheese! While stocks last.