Shape Singapore into Better Living Environments at Future of Us Exhibition


Have you ever wondered how will Singapore look like in the next 30 to 50 years? What does the future of us hold? It is an important question to ask ourselves, because we are the key to the future.

Last December, my friends and I visited the Future of Us Exhibition nestled at the Gardens by the Bay. It is a meaningful and eye-opening exhibition whereby it features the probable and the plausible through a range of scenarios for Singapore future in six immersive and interactive zones. The exhibition also showcases a range of highly-intelligence technology that helps to improve our future living lifestyle. Thus, I was amazed by the spectacular and detailed innovations designed and created by our Singaporean talents.

Time Travel
Thinking of travelling back to the past and moving forward to the future in a split second? In this uniquely exhibition, it allows you to fast forward through 1965, 2015 and 2030 to discover the core values that resonate through the generations.

Digital technology is the key to visualize an imagination. Therefore, the “Blue Skies” had sparked my mind during my first visit. It is a place allowing you to cast your dreams into a digital wishing well and watch them join a constellation of other wishes in the digital galaxy. Awesome! The future of us exhibition also demonstrates how science and technology creates an extraordinary world through the realistic robotics and machines that helps to optimize our human life activities.

Share Your Dreams
Everyone plays a part to help shape Singapore into better living environments. Hence, the exhibition has also opened for dialogue sessions for visitors to share and pen down their dreams for the Singapore future. I am glad to be part of this inspiration dialogue session, sharing the ideas to help improve the future of our community.

Photo credit to Minister Chan Fb Page, PMO.

The future is in our hands! Start visiting the Future of Us Exhibition today at the Gardens by the Bay (near Bayfront MRT Station). Its free admission and the exhibition are available until 8 March 2016. The Future of Us exhibition is suitable to all age-group. I promise you will leave no regret!