Friendster Error

The X’mas Tree In Tampines Mall look Nice! =D
Sickening Friendster,
Live felt so laggy,
Welcome my cousin (QingYi) back to SG

Alright Alright, i know you people had ask me about the friendster thingy…now gonna write out the problem which everyone face.

Hi to all the friendster user, i think all of you had login to ur friendster account and saw that ur friends lost alot right? haiz, Dunno wad happen to friendster ar…Everything wont lost except Friends. KNN. Alot of my msn peeps msg me said that their account kena hack by someone…rubbish lor… Everyone face the same problem now. My friend list from 1.2k plus drop to 74. Someone more worst ar, their friend drop to zero (0). *Stun* LOL One thing weird is tat, my friends is gone but my comment still remain as 2k plus sia…lols… *Faint*

Friendster nowdays is trying to be funny…

Ok Here, As u all noe, i very busy de, so cant add back those 1.2k friends in one sort. But i will add u back slowly ar…ppl who wanna add me can click this site:

* Friendster Team is now fixing the friend list problem*.

Friend who i know in real life will add back first.
Follow by, i will see my friendster profile, inside my comment list, the first few page will add back.
Msn contact who online during my online time, i will add through email.
Blogger who i found their friendster link.

Read the Term and Condition Before you add me in friendster:
1. Your friendster profile must have picture.
2. Male or female will accept if picture on it.
3. No spamming In my comment Box.
4. Profile with no picture will be reject. (This is to prevent hacker)
5. Must Be active.


Continues Post @ 7.28pm

Hey peeps, i am back again! xD Afternoon went out with terrence and jianhao to Tampines mall. On the way, we disscuss about the friendster thingy and while disscussing, the friendster thingy let me think of the USA stock dropping. lols, My friendster friend list is something like the USA stock lor, suddenly drop so fast. *nv give warning somemore*haha. Today on the way to different places, make alot of joke ar…This friendster thingy is one of it. xD

Next, after we brought Mcflurry and ate it, we went to nearby library to wash our hand. Outside the library, There a thing for book drop called as “Drop your NLB book here, One by one at a time”. Then this terrence was trying to be funny, so he said in chinese plus hokkien: “丢 Ni Lao Bu 的书在这里,一个一个慢慢来”。LOL, Me and Jianhao cant stop laughing ar… wonder how crazy can think of those nonsence lor…hahaha, i laugh untill my mouth got six pack liao ar…lols…

Ok here some joke for today: U all wanna noe why those people who bet in 4D,football,horse or wadever… dont dare to go library?
Here it goes…

[ Every singapore library, in the library there will be a place called “24hrs Book Drop” for ppl to return their book which lend from library… Well, if u read the word ” 24hrs Book Drop” in chinese, it will be “24hrs 书掉” (24hrs 输掉)。Imagine those ppl who bet and keep losing…LOL…funny not funny? ]

Haha, After that, we also went to play basketball and after playing for 1hrs plus, we went to meet jerome for drinks. bleah~ Came back home at 6pm evening. hehe…

Welcome Back Qingyi! (cousin)
Oh great, my cousin had arrival back from batam to singapore liao~! yay! haha, Wonder he brought me wad thing? lols…Anyway, hope he enjoyed his batam trip ar…haha xD

So, today, lots of ppl face the same problem in friendster but nvm i guess friendster team had do something on it. Meanwhile just wait and see. Haa, My post stop here for today. Enjoy reading it the joke, maybe u all can share to others. haha. Oh well, tml will have the longest hrs of lecture, haiz…Is studying time~ wahaha. ^^

Thank for ur reading and view peeps!
Have a nice day! xD

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