Knowing your Health Better through Eu Yan Sang TCM Health Report


While western medicine often takes a scientific approach such as drugs, radiation and surgery to alleviate symptoms to cure disease, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) often takes a more holistic approach, viewing the body as an organic whole and focuses on restoring the total balance of the body, between Yin and Yang that make up the vital energy. Traditional remedies include herbal treatment, acupuncture, cupping and tuina therapy.

Many people tend to turn to Western medicine when they need a quick remedy to alleviate the symptoms; but when in need of treating the underlying illness, they are likely to turn to TCM which they perceived, have milder side effects.

To keep up with good health, it is important to know one’s own sub-health conditions.  Sub-health issues are conditions that yet to develop into diseases.  People who are in the sub-health zone do not realize, or choose to overlook.  Your body gives you signs, perhaps in the form of stress-related ailments like chronic fatigue, headaches or poor quality of sleep, etc.

Watch the below video to learn the potential risks of sub-health issues

Eu Yan Sang (余仁生) TCM Wellness Clinics has recently introduced a new service, providing Health Report (健康报告) from a TCM perspective, focusing on preventive health treatment to deal with sub-health conditions.

The Health Report includes:

  • A brief introduction to TCM
  • Diagnosis by physician which determines your dominant body constitution
  • Wellness tips suitable for your particular body constitution shared to you by physician. The tips include recommending food therapy and herbal tea drink, foot soak, acupressure massage, exercise and good habits for overall wellness.

The report is especially useful for one to know what they should eat more, or to avoid; the acupoints to press, etc. based on individual’s body constituent.

I had a chance to visit Eu Yan Sang TCM Wellness Clinic @ Dhoby Ghaut to get my health report. I was greeted by the friendly clinic assistant and I filled up my particulars in the medical record card. I also had my blood pressure and temperature taken before the consultation session.

Measuring High Blood Pressure

Coincidentally, it was Physician Lin Jia Yi, who is featured in the video above, that attended to me. Physician Lin began the session by checking my pulse, with that, she diagnosed my sub-health conditions and generated my health report.  She patiently explained to me, even with similar sub-health conditions, there would still be some differences of the characteristics.

While I generally belong to Qi-deficient Body Constitution B Type, I may have certain symptoms that are closer to another type Qi-deficient Body Constitution. Although the health report was generated by  computer with preset symptoms diagnosed, Physician Lin asked a few questions related to my eating/exercise/sleeping habits which helped her to diagnose my actual sub-health condition better.

Physician Lin Jia Yi

Checking pulse…

While the report provided some recipes for food therapy that involving lots of herbal ingredients, Physician Lin also recommended some other alternatives that are much simpler to prepare. She even helped me search for pictures of some of the herbal ingredients that I’m unfamiliar with.

It has been a pleasant experience for the consultation session where no hard selling was involved, but rather, to recognize the sub-health signs I may have been ignoring and learn to make positive lifestyle to improve my sub-health conditions.

Take the first step to a healthier lifestyle and do not wait until you slide closer to the “Disease” zone! Now you can get your own TCM Health Report service at $38 (Usual  price: $48) simply by calling the clinic to make an appointment and quoting My TCM Health Report”, from now till 31 Dec 15.

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