What is an escape room and team building in an escape room?

escape room

escape room

A Room Escape is a game of physical and mental adventure that consists of enclosing a group of between 2 and 6 players in a room following a theme, where participants must solve a series of enigmas and riddles against the clock.

The groups of players oscillate between 2 and 6 players, but can you imagine competing against your co-workers or friends? Well now you can do combats up to 10 people and enjoy to the fullest. If you want to get more information and if you want play Escape Room game at your best place, then here is your Fox in a Box Escape Room Orange County and enjoy your gaming experience.

Riddles and riddles

The riddles and riddles are tests of all kinds (locks, hidden codes, pieces of puzzles, adjoining rooms …) that must be deciphered before the end of time (60 minutes), these tests are aimed at unraveling a story and meet The goal of escape from the room.

But do not worry if you do not get some riddle! We will give you clues to help you not to be trapped in the room. Each stay is monitored and controlled at all times by one of the workers of the center who through a screen will be offering a series of clues and riddles.

The rooms where the activities are developed are decorated and acclimated according to the theme that is going to be carried out, with the aim of allowing the player to immerse themselves in the story to 100%.

Methodology & Difficulty

The level of difficulty of the themes of the escape games is varied, so do not worry because before choosing the game in which you want to participate we will inform you about its difficulty. We always recommend starting at the lowest level and increasing the difficulty.

At the beginning of the game there will be a brief explanation of the operation and rules that must be followed, detailing what can be done and what can not be done.

For this activity you do not need to be a genius, nor does it require physical strength, … you just have to be creative, use logic, actively participate with the rest of the group and above all let yourself get carried away by the clues.

Escape Room The Game

Types of Escape Room

An Escape game is a possibility of leisure recommended for groups of friends, couples, business teams, children or families.

Anyone, of legal age or younger; can participate in a game of escapism as long as the theme and the puzzles are consistent with their level.

Escape Room for Children

The games dedicated to children or relatives will always be easier than the rest. These have become one of the main choices of the smallest when it comes to choosing an activity to do as a family.

Several studies have shown that these games encourage the intellectual development of the youngest, increasing their logic skills, and also stimulate their social and communication skills to be a group-developed activity.

In The Fox in a Box Escape Room Orange County we ensure that the experience is the best possible for this audience and we adapt modifications in our rooms adjusting to different ages. Can you think of a better plan to do a family day?

Escape Room for Companies

This type of team building activity is ideal and original for corporate events. Every time there are more companies that choose this type of games in their events to improve motivation and enhance the relationships and productivity of their employees.

In this type of escapism games for companies, leadership and creativity are stimulated, since in each team there will always be someone who assumes the position of leader, and in addition, communication and companionship is fostered by learning how to listen and help the partner.

Escape Room Theme

Our escape games are thematic. Each one is based on a different theme; which is always accompanied by a story that is told and detailed at the beginning of the activity.

All stories have a good synopsis and end with the story of a challenge or objective that participants must achieve.

The themes are usually of different types:

● Historical
● Espionage
● Futurists
● Combat, adventure
● Based on characters
● Or even terror

team building

The team building is a technique of businesses and organizations to promote relations between their workers. Few are already companies that do not know that having a good work team serves to resolve any type of situation quickly and effectively.

In this sense, team building has positioned itself in recent years as one of the best techniques to improve the creation of work teams and the resolution of conflicts. More and more companies are allocating part of their time and budget to the so-called team building.

The boom of this type of organized activities has been generating an increasingly demanding demand for new concepts to the companies that organize these events. In this sense, the escape room games come to give an original, exciting and cultural alternative to the traditional team-building of dinner-show-talk or those focused on multi-adventure activities.

The Fox in a Box Escape Room Orange County is the first escape room that is fully equipped to organize a team building activity with everything a company may need : meetings, presentations or catering. The best? The three room escape rooms where you can play simultaneously or even see how desperate you are to discover the tracks your teammates through the cameras of our Game Master from our common room .

Our team building has Casanova as its protagonist, and in it you can compete between teams in Rombate mode to see who is able to decipher the mystery of Casanova’s La Fuga before and win. We assure you that there are already many companies that have passed through our rooms and have had a great time.

Reasons why we recommend companies to organize their team building in an escape room:
  1. The team joins the motivation of achieving a common goal: escape from the room in less than 60 minutes … and do it before the opposing team.
  2. Throughout the game, the capabilities of the team members emerge: It is perfectly clear who assumes the role of leader, who is the most creative person, whoever lets go … and sometimes you take surprises.
  3. It’s a great test to see what resistance the team has to stress. When the clock begins the countdown and the end is near, the stress is enormous!
  4. Encourages communication among team members. And it is that this is essential to solve the riddles and clues that arise.
  5. Increase confidence in teammates.
  6. Improve the ability to solve problems. Deductive thinking and lateral thinking are put into practice in our games as they help solve the riddles, clues and puzzles that players encounter.
  7. Nothing unites a team more than remembering a good anecdote and a good time.