End Of 2008 Blog Post


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End of 2008 Blog Post.

Hi everyone, firstly, Happy New Year to everyone who visiting my blog now! haha…In 2008 wad you have done? and in 2009 wad urs plan? For me? read further down to know more about it! xD Kinda long post cos i will write it in English and Chinese version for the End of 2008 blog post. Here it begin…

In 2008, from the first month of the year till now, i am quite happy with my living now. Although didnt get into the school i want but still enjoyed with the school i studying now. ^^ In school work i had successed by getting my multimedia course an A grade. I think there one sentence whereby “There always another path for ur goal to be come true”, didnt matter long or short way, at the end of the day, you will still achieves if you really put effort in”. True right? haha…The path is you choose but you must be careful in choosing it.

In 2008, places i been went in singapore, i can said that almost everywhere! lols…Especially the seletar reservoir project outing with my project management group outing…my first time year there and I almost kena attack by Monkey!! haha…Anyway, young teenager should run everywhere as to familiar the place..hehe…Formore, i wanna thank alot of friends and lecturer from my schoolmate who given me a great support in my study now…

Talk about Blog. I started blogging since 2007 and till now, got one years plus already. Well, I joined Nuffnang since 27/11/07 but i am active just this year 2008 only…lols, However, I still gald can know some friends from nuffnang innit and met them in realife. People such as Nathalia,Henry,Gregory,William Ng,Jordan,Joanne Chan and Weijie…nice outing with you all…haha…I also attended some of the nuffnang event, especially the xmas party! Me and my friends were enjoying high during that night…haha, As time goes by, knew more and more blogger through internet and friends. Nevertheless, lets work hard in year 2009! haha…Blog more as a part of diary! xD

3 Special Thank
Nathalia – she my first nuffnang friend who help me promote my blog.
Gregory – My blog daily reader.
William Ng – Because of him, i got a chance to step into nuffnang office.

We people live to enjoy everything with Happiness. Many activity event was held in different month and different places, such as autograph session,photograph session,fashion show,car show and IT Fair…As my record, my Picture taken for this year had broke last year record. Afterall, lets wait for countdown 2009! i wanna take firework picture! haha..

我说:2008 年更快!

在2008里,经过风风雨雨,大大小小事情。虽然没有近到自己理想的学校,没有进理想课程,但是我还是读得很开心。感谢一路来支持我的朋友们,教师们,在我生旁给我的鼓励。2008 年说快不快,说慢不慢,一查眼就过去了。人生总要进步,但在2008里你有进步吗?我很高兴在2008里我的博课有点进展,这一却都要感谢Nuffnang,校友,朋友,家人的支持,好让我的人数不断上升。

2008 年很快就要过了,在不到一个月的时间就要过年了。你计划好2009年的来领吗?确实上我在2008里过的玩的很开心,地方也去了不少,当然知识也增加了不少。但我希望2009年可以过的肯好!加油。在你我要祝大家 新年快乐 Happy New Year! 新的一年,新的一天,好的开始,好的来头,千万不要放过与错过!哈哈。。

Wait…My post not ending yet…haha, above got ur name? if no, read further down…It MIGHT have…haha xD

Alright Since is end of year 2008 already, here gonna thank to those people…friend or no friend i still wanna thank! lols…

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Above, there a video of End of Post 2008 picture. Ur Face Might in this video, well this video will flash about 3-5min cos picture quite alot. So, just sit back and enjoy! Few more hrs to go year 2009! Lets Celebrate again! hahaha…Overall of 2008 post had complete! Lets countdown to year 2009 now! My 2009 post will be release at 01/01/09, Time: 00: 00 : 00AM!