Dragonball Evolution Review


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Dragonball Evolution Movie Review

Here, gonna blog out my review on Dragonball Evolution which i went to watch yesterday night. Haha, i said before, i will watch this dragonball movie due to its impressive visual effect.

Review on Dragonball Evolution Movie
Alright, Many people say this movie not nice due to its story base not same as the anime. But to me, i find it quite interesting, i guess the director wanted to give everyone the new version of dragonball evolution which landed nowdays, the modern world. And yes, by talking about its visual graphical effect, it was awesome! especially the KAMI HAMI HA Effect! lols, was wondering how they do that effect but nvm one day i will learn it! xD haha, The slow motion effect during fighting also look cool. Overall i still like this movie and my rate on this movie will be 4/5 star.

There might be Dragonball Evolution 2…haha why i say that? well, dont leave during the CREDIT part and you will know why! hahaha…People who like visual effect or NOT really dragonball fans, you might wanna go have a movie session with Dragonball Evolution this weekend! haha…Happy watching movie! xD

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