December Holiday!!!

Merry christmas to all ^^ while chirstmas present wishes:

  • Sony cyber-shot T2
  • New wallet

Thing have been do today:

  1. Just went to PC show wif jian hao this afternoon at singapore expo
  2. looking for the vaio laptop and sony cyber-shot T2 camera
  3. jian hao looking for the PSP game and PC mouse..[too bad all mouse are small now…haha..]
  4. walk 1 around again inside the hall 5&6 [PC show area]
  5. while…last 2day of PC show…tml the last day! thing are selling cheaper!
  6. den…take MRT to cityhall interchange…becos we going suntec for a walk.
  7. singapore expo or anywhere was fill wif ppl….
  8. In the suntec Mall, went to arcade play TC2
  9. after tat, went for photo taking…use about 15-20min to found a gd place to take some photo…
  10. jian hao werid…take photo in toliet and say wanna learn from xiao zhu…haiz…
  11. den…look at the time was around 4pm+ le..
  12. take a walk in suntec and cityhall….den took the mrt back to tampines…
  13. reach tampines…went to a coffeeshop and eat….
  14. after eating?…..go home lo…..

Today 小猪[羅志祥] concert @ indoor stadium…tooo bad no $ to go there see his concert….wad a miss…but nvmm…i waiting for jay chou concert next year! haha *smile*

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