CNY Steamboat Party with F&N Variety Pack and Three Legs Flavoured Cooling Water

Hpility SG CNY Party 2018

In about a week, we are going to welcome the Year of the Dog! Are you guys ready for the Chinese New Year (CNY) celebrations? So what will you be doing during the festive week? Couple of weeks back we had our annual reunion CNY steamboat dinner party to kick off the brilliant new year.

CNY steamboat dinner party

CNY steamboat

Many of us are worried to consume too many heaty and oily foods during the Lunar New Year period. Hence, some might be thinking of the “heaty” after effects such as; pimple breakout, ulcer, fever and etc. Well, when some foods are trying to “heat” your body up, you need something to “cool” you down!

Have you stocked up your CNY drinks? We were delighted to have F&N Seasons and Three Legs Cooling Water to be part of our CNY party. Both are the perfectly recommended “cooling” drinks for this year’s festive celebrations.

Yes! F&N Seasons have launched their limited edition F&N variety pack and F&N Healthier Choice Variety Pack. It offers consumers the healthier choice of drinks certified by the Health Promotion Board (HPB). The healthier choice of drinks from F&N include the Orange Zero, Sarsi Zero, Ice Lemon Tea and White Chrysanthemum Tea.

F&N variety pack

F&N Healthier Choice Variety Pack

Simultaneously, 100PLUS have also launched their limited edition 100 PLUS Value Pack. It comes in specially designed cans of 100PLUS in the auspicious colour of gold to bring good fortune (福) and happiness (禧).

Three Legs Cooling Water

Next! Introducing you the Three Legs Cooling Water, which comes in 3 new fruity flavours; Lychee, Guava and Lime. Three Legs Cooling Water is formulated with natural minerals which traditionally used to dispel “heatiness” from the body. The flavoured cooling water is the best choice for everyone! It simply tastes refreshing yet not too sweet!

Lunar New Year 2018

Availability and Pricing

The flavoured cooling water is selling at discounted price at 2 bottles for S$2.15 at major supermarkets.

Both the limited edition F&N Variety Pack and F&N Healthier Choice Variety Pack comes with 24 cans of assorted flavours at the recommended selling price (RSP) of S$13.45. The 100PLUS Value Pack comes with 24 cans of 100PLUS Original at the RSP of S$14.70.

The newly launched F&N Orange Zero and F&N Sarsi Zero are selling at the RSP of S$0.70 for 300ml cans, and S$3.25 for a cluster pack of 6 cans.

Lastly, the limited edition F&N Variety Pack, F&N Healthier Choice Variety Pack and 100PLUS Value Pack are available from January 2018 at major supermarkets and hypermarkets.