Chao Ting (潮亭) Teochew dining concept at Far East Square Precinct

Cao Ting

Chao Ting (潮亭)

Chao Ting (潮亭) is a fast-casual dining concept nestled at Far East Square Precinct. They are specialising in Teochew ‘Pao Fan’; a classic Chinese dish of perfectly cooked grains of rice served in a bath of light yet flavourful broth.

Teochew ‘Pao Fan’

Chao Ting served 3 types of Pao Fan; King Prawn ‘Pao Fan’ 大虾泡饭, Sliced Fish ‘Pao Fan’ 鱼片泡饭 and Fried Fish ‘Pao Fan’ 炸鱼片泡饭. Every component prepared with skill and care, all of Chao Ting’s ‘Pao Fan’ guarantees fresh, delicious flavours and different textures in each mouthful. The ‘Pao Fan’ pricing range from $9 to $11. Customers may choose to order takeaway or dine al fresco at the sheltered seating area.

Chao Ting’s rendition of the classic Teochew ‘Pao Fan’ is presented with a touch of modernity and luxe. A dish of fragrant Jasmine rice is expertly cooked to toothsome and silky perfection, simmered in a flavourful broth slow-cooked over five hours using prawns, pork, chicken and fish bones. It is then topped with crispy rice, fried egg floss, fried shallots and an assortment of choice ingredients which are selected for their freshness, quality and flavour.

Chao Ting Location Address:

132 Amoy Street, Singapore 049961

Opening hours:
Lunch: 11.30am – 3pm on weekdays
(Closed on Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays)