Burger King Ushers in Piggy Lunar New Year with Salmon Mentaiko Burgers

Mentaiko Burger

Get ready to celebrate and reunite with friends and family! This Piggy Lunar New Year, Burger King launched their limited edition Salmon Mentaiko Burgers (明太子北海道三文鱼堡) filled with fortune and happiness.

Burger King Salmon Mentaiko Burgers

How to enjoy Mentaiko? Try mixing with mayonnaise to create a creamy savoury pink sauce that is undeniably delicious to the palate.

“The vibrancy of Chinese New Year often manifests in an array of symbolisms that signify all things prosperous. Symbolising good fortune and joy are shades of red and gold, BURGER KING limited time Mentaiko burgers. ‘Nian Nian You Yu’ (年年有余); greets every customer abundance of prosperity year after year, a popular greeting exchanged during Chinese New Year. The Chinese character “余” (surplus) has the same pronunciation as “鱼” (fish). This explains why fish is a must-have dish during the celebratory festive period to ensure a bountiful year ahead.”

Alternate option, you can also choose the Mentaiko Double CHICK’N CRISP burger (明太子香酥双鸡堡) is made up of double layers of; tasty crispy chicken fillets, savoury Mentaiko sauce, crunchy sliced onion, juicy tomato and fresh lettuce, served between a toasted 4-inch sesame seed bun.

Mentaiko Burgers

The BURGER KING Mentaiko Burger value meal starts from S$6.90 and include a medium pack of thick-cut salted French fries and a small refreshing SJORA Mango Peach/Strawberry Kiwi drink.