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Kanazawa Kenrokuen in Central Japan

Win Exclusive Gifts from Central Japan Travel Fair

Central Japan Travel Fair goes virtual, offering a list of must-visit attractions as well as hidden gems in Japan. The whole concept is to...
Singaporean fashion

Gender Fluidity Takes Over Singaporean Fashion

When Harry Styles wore a dress recently on Vogue, he made heads turn and featured in media channels across the globe. But those in...
home loan

A Guide to Applying for Home Loans in Singapore

A home feels even sweeter when your ownership of it is guaranteed. It’s for that reason that many more Singaporeans are considering taking out...
Magical Snowy Charms Of Winter Tohoku

6 Ways To Experience The Magical Snowy Charms Of Winter Tohoku

Nestled within the northern area of Japan's main island, Tohoku is a hidden gem whose astounding beauty charms visitors all throughout the four seasons....
Employee Working life

7 Ways in which EAP helps Employees Balance their Mental Health

In today's corporate environment, business organisations glance for an energetic workforce in every sphere of their operations. The very dynamic nature of the corporate...
Tohoku Road Trip Guide

The Ultimate Tohoku Road Trip: 10 Best Pit Stops

Just like a cinematic picture reel, Tohoku presents a show-stopping display of spectacular landscapes that changes throughout the seasons. From the pastel pinks of...
Starbucks Valentine's day

Bee-lieve in Love Again this Valentine’s Day with Starbucks

Love is in the air! With just around the corner, Starbucks has unveiled an all-new “Bee Mine” Collection to celebrate this season of love,...
tracker app

How to Track Warranty on Tech Products?

In a single year, we buy multiple tech products and each one of them comes with a separate warranty period. Keeping track of all...
staycation guide

How to plan a unique staycation that will help you relax and rejuvenate

Time off has a whole different meaning this past year, and may likely have a different look into the hear future too. That’s OK:...
ding bakery cny goodies

Affordable Homemade CNY Goodies from Ding Bakery

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and 2021 is the year of the Ox! In the past, we used to have big...